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Today, We’re Thankful for … You!
November 22nd, 2012

Perish the thought that there’s an occasion for which we don’t have a card, so bright and early this morning we decided to magic up with a Thanksgiving card (above). Which is really just an excuse for us to have an opportunity to talk about what we’re thankful for … and, truly, it’s you.

It’s people like you who read our blog, and support our business, and buy our cards. We know we’re living in a world with so many choices, and much faster ways to communicate, so when people choose a J.Falkner card to hold their words and communicate with their loved ones, we are genuinely touched.

Thank you for believing in what we’re doing — that it’s not just a card, but a little piece of love, delivered.

Now, back to the turkey … or the leftovers, and hopefully there is still a bit of pumpkin pie left (since somehow it’s always more delicious the day after!).

Shop Our New Holiday Gift Shop!
November 19th, 2012

We know how you feel. We really do. It generally starts some time this week, and it’s called Gift Guide dread. They start arriving innocently enough, slipping through the mail, popping up in emails … but then those first helpful snowflakes become a storm of pre-holiday pressure, and suddenly it already feels too late to get all your Christmas shopping done.

So we’re here to help. We’ve created a little holiday gift shop at J.Falkner online, designed to make your life easier. Just ten items, lovingly selected — including a few sets we created just for the online store. Nothing is over $20, it’ll be delivered to your door (or to anyone on your list), and we’ll even wrap it up in tissue and ribbon.

That cool chick who knows her fashion? Try our flirty fashion mix (above) — glossy lipstick, sexy lace and python print, all matched with gold envelopes.

Your trendy son/boyfriend/colleague? Try these dapper notes for men (above).

A little stocking stuffer for your daughter, wife or girlfriend? How about this xoxoxo-adorable box of little note kisses (above, there are 10 notes to a box).

Or take a stationery safari with our bestselling animal cards. A set of 8 different cards to cover so many occasions — birthday, wedding, congratulations, thank you. (In fact, this is the box we make up for our nearest and dearest, and we thought you might find it as handy as they’ve done.)

And as a special thank you to our regular readers, we’d like to give you free shipping on any order made by December 1st — just enter FSHPB at checkout. So, go on, have a look at our store here.

Going for Holiday Gold
November 14th, 2012

It may seem counterintuitive to start a post about holiday cards with an envelope, but if you’re reading this, you know that here at J.Falkner we love the details. After all, in this world of first impressions, the envelope is the first thing your sendee will see.

The paper on our “gold-leaf” envelopes has a smooth iridescent finish that resembles metallic specks. And when they catch the light they really do shimmer (above).

For the cards themselves, we knew we wanted to do something very simple, and very chic. Just a few playful images, a restrained color palette (above), and a luxurious use of white space to appreciate the thick card stock. Finally, we tucked the holiday greeting inside the card so the design outside is crisp and clean.

Of course we love a cute reindeer, but are they really the only animal in the God’s kingdom that gets to celebrate Christmas? Surely there is some fabulous Santa Claus somewhere who would welcome a leaping Rudolph Zebra into his herd (like the one, above).

And step forward Flamingo. You’re every bit as able as a turtle dove to spread good holiday cheer, and — perhaps it’s our Florida-bias — rather more elegant.

These cards are now available at fine retailers across the country, and online holiday cards can be ordered from our own shop here. Or just email us at and we’d be happy to let you know of a store that carries them near you.

How We Came up with Cards for Men
November 11th, 2012

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that inspire us. Our new card collection for men happened to get its start from a cocktail napkin.

Though not just any napkin (see above). A martini glass, hand-stitched on a fine linen napkin, with an olive the single pop of color — the kind of simple chic design we love. (Though we can claim no credit for finding them; instead, these charming napkins arrived with a particularly generous dinner party guest.)

So when we started building the mood board for men’s cards, the cocktail napkin was one of the first items we pinned (see it in the top left hand corner). It was joined by images of dandy accessories, Mad Men suits, and 60’s movie icons like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

Inspired by the cognac leather jacket that Steve McQueen folds around Natalie Wood (top middle image of our mood board), we decided upon a rich, luxe color story of burgundy, olive and navy, accented with metallic silver ink (anniversary card, above).

The elegant martini glass naturally found its way onto its own birthday card (above).

To distinguish this line of cards, we printed them on a premium, textured paper and — because these are men who discern the details — splashed out on envelopes with deckled edges (see above).

Finally, we designed a trio of small note cards. The debonair icons — cufflinks, bow-tie and martini — and the “stitched” border detail are meant to evoke, no surprise here, a cocktail napkin. (Easy personalization idea: run these through any home inkjet printer to put a name or initials on them.)

And forgive us for leaping into a holiday frame of mind already, but this little box of 10 notecards (just $12.95) is a pretty swell stocking stuffer for men. Find them at select retail outlets, or order them online here.