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Our Home at the National Stationery Show
May 27th, 2013


When a little 10’x10′ box in New York becomes our home for the better part of a week, it can only mean one thing: the National Stationery Show! It’s when the world of paper converges on the city to put on their smiles and peddle their wares to buyers from across the country — and, as ever, the energy and creativity on display was a real inspiration.


The concept (above): With our booth, the idea was to bring a bright, little patch of Palm Beach to the Javits Center. We started our moodboard (see above) back in January, and what emerged over the months was: kelly green, sisal carpet and storage bins, sunburst mirrors, crisp white frames and jewel-tone ottoman stools.


The end result (above): Et voila! We were delighted to see all these elements fall into place in the stage set we created for J.Falkner. And there must have been something lucky in that gorgeous shade of green — we had our best show ever, with great stores reordering and new stores discovering us.


Cards were ranged along white shelves (see above). “Fabulous. (Is what you are, my friend.)” is from a new card collection we launched at the show.


After spending the days cooped up in the convention center, everyone’s ready for a good party. The Louie Awards are always a high point, and this year we were greeted by dramatic swirls of paper cut-outs (above), which became even more incredible as one looked to see the details of flying birds and airplanes.


Though our nominated card didn’t win, it was wonderful to be welcomed into this special crowd, and see, hand-cut into one of the paper airplanes, the letters of J.Falkner Cards (above).

Mothers: A Celebration
May 10th, 2013


All my mother ever wanted on Mother’s Day, she insisted, was a hand-made card from her children. In an extreme case of careful-what-you-wish-for, she now has a son doing nothing but making cards all year ‘round.


Maybe that’s no surprise. Because the unqualified enthusiasm with which my mother greeted my creative endeavours — even that less-promising phase with felt finger puppets when I was 8 — encouraged me to think that there just might be a wider audience out there. And now here we are, all these years later, shipping thousands of cards to stores across the US every month.


Which meant the heat was on to cook up Mother’s Day cards to express full filial gratitude. Balloonists, birds and lucky clovers: these cards are for you, Mom — and mothers the world over.