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Happy Father’s Day
June 15th, 2013

On Father’s Day, here are some memories. I grew up an army brat, which meant that every two to three years, my family packed up and moved. If you thought this vagabond lifestyle meant we would lean towards traveling light, you’d be mistaken.

Nowhere was this more obvious than with my father’s multiplying collection of books. Hemingway jockeyed with Hesse, biographies of Churchill faced off against Lincoln, while Will Durant’s 11-volume History of Civilization stood watch above them all.


This growing library would follow us to each home, and when I think of my childhood it is in the company of books, and of words. This is my father’s gift to me. Which is why I labor as much over the words on our cards as the images — and naturally never more so than with these two Father’s Day cards.


Happy Father’s Day to all!