A Bounty of Blossoms for Easter
April 7th, 2012

Happy Easter! One of our favorite thoughts about this holiday comes from Betran de Born, a 12th century French troubadours. “Well pleaseth me,” wrote de Born, “the sweet time of Easter/ That maketh the leaf and the flower come out.”

So it is these delicious flowers and colors of Spring that we are putting in a Easter basket blog for you.

New York, being a super-size city, has a tendency to conjure up the most massive floral arrangements. These sensational branches of cherry blossoms (above) are found in the lobby of the Metropolitan Museum in the Springtime, and must stretch over 10 feet tall.

And yet a simple pair of hyacinths (above), with their dewy scent of Spring, are equally beautiful. Look at the luscious color combination nature provides: the rich green stalk and cerulean blue flowers.

Blowsy yellow tulips echo the pastel colors of a bowl of sugared almonds, to us one of chicest Easter indulgences.

How easily the magnolia blossoms bruise and fade (above), but in the right moment their pinky cream colors are matchless.

The perfect square patch of grass (above) is unexpected, but holds the fresh promise of Spring.

A perky little rabbit guards the napkin, while tangerine colored rununculas tumble out of a silver beaker. … And, remember, rabbits aren’t just for Easter. Our bunny birthday card (below) is a year-round pleaser.


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