A Card for New York
July 20th, 2011

One great thing about having a card company is that you’re never at a loss for the right card. Or you hope so. But sometimes that means you need to design one within 24 hours.

When New York reached its wonderful and historic decision to sign gay marriage into law, we thought we’d have a bit of time to create exactly the right card to celebrate this. But within that same weekend, a pair of our closest friends were engaged — suddenly, we needed a card pronto!

Here’s the result, above. We happened upon the idea of two knights — because let’s face it, arriving at gay marriage in New York was definitely a fight hard-won. And deciding to marry, whatever your orientation, is a very noble idea.

(This card is so new it’s not yet in shops. But if you’d like to place an order for your store, or just buy one individually, please let us know at info@jfalkner.com and we’ll make it happen! Stay tuned, we’ll be creating one for women, too!)


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