A Day for Dad
June 14th, 2012

If, on a father’s day card, you’d like a pattern of neckties, a medal proclaiming “No. 1 Dad”, or perhaps a BBQ grill, you’re all set. On the other hand, if you think some of those ironic motifs are maybe a little played out, you’ll have found yourself in a greeting card emergency this week.

Charming Mother’s Day options abound, but somehow Father’s Day seems to leave cards tongue-tied. Call us old-fashioned, but with one day a year to celebrate fathers, why not send something genuine?

No matter how tall we grow, we know that fathers always remain large in our lives (above).

Are we the only ones to remember that first thrill of riding a bike on our own? With dad’s last, strong push, we took flight. Visually, we like how these two bikes seem to be cycling across the whole card (see above). And — spoiler alert, Dad! — this is the card we sent our father.

Because, let’s face it: one thing you can’t choose is your family. It’s all about luck.

These cards were created just this week for our staff, and will go into production for everyone next year. But, meanwhile, feel free to take a screen grab, or share this link – there’s still time to email your dad!


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