A Summer Garden Party in Palm Beach
May 17th, 2012

With its balmy evenings, and lush tropical gardens, Palm Beach often feels staged like a Hollywood set for a party. And, truth be told, there are a few Norma Desmonds here, who enter as if from stage left.

The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach is renowned for throwing some of the best parties on the island, and their summer party has a hard-to-match venue: the lovely secret that is Pan’s Garden, right in the centre of town. So imagine our delight when they approached us to design a suitably chic invitation.

The theme was Modern, which naturally can mean any number of things, but the modern we like best is the one with the “e” on it: moderne, which was an evolution of art deco. Crisp white and ice-mint green emerged as a compelling color pairing (see our mood board, above).

Sometimes all you need is type, pleasantly arranged — especially if it’s Guggenheim, a font derived from the original Frank Lloyd Wright lettering from the museum’s facade. But we’re not beyond a bit of whimsy, so we created a little martini glass out of the “y”, a motif that is reversed out on the other side of the invitation (above).

Fortunately for us, the dilemma of what to wear was immediately answered when we spotted this splendidly sybaritic blazer at CJ Laing. Palm Beach-based, they create pieces you really can’t find anywhere else, and we’re always suckers for a fabulous ikat print.

Striking blue lighting enchanted the garden, especially here at the lily pond with the charming statue of Pan himself (above).

And speaking of parties … this week, at the National Stationery Show in New York, we’ll be launching a new range of party “imprintables”. These are 6 x 9″ cards with playful, colorful borders that can be easily run through a printer to provide a personalized invitation. Here are a couple (above): a martini with a border of tipsy olives, and palm trees in vivid pink and green.

Next you hear from us, it will be with news from the Stationery Show and our very own booth!


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  1. Peter Emmerich says:

    You don’t stop learning from this fabulous blog! For my

    Syb·a·rit·ic -[sib-uh-rit-ik]- adjective

    1. pertaining to or characteristic of a sybarite; characterized by or loving luxury or sensuous pleasure: to wallow in sybaritic splendor.
    2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Sybaris or its inhabitants.

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