Bespoke House Stationery Gifts
September 2nd, 2011

One of our favorite things about the Labour Day weekend that begins today is the chance it gives us to visit city friends at their country homes. The last long weekend of the summer is often the sweetest, when everyone is in the mood to stretch that season’s happiness as long as they can.

Our host/hostess gift was usually a lovely big fashion or photographic book, just frivolous enough that no one would buy it for themselves. But these days, being in the stationery biz, we love bringing bespoke house cards that we personalize with a simple logo of the address. Wrap ’em up with a silk ribbon, and you’re go to go. Friends enjoy them so much, we thought you all might enjoy seeing some of them as well.

(We’re hoping to offer this kind of bespoke service soon, but for a similar effect now: get a box of our “Little Notes” and run them through your own printer with your friend’s address. Presto! Martha Stewart would approve of your craftiness.)


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