Merry Christmas!
December 25th, 2016


Of course, if ever there was a day to be off-line this is it … but we couldn’t resist sharing this twinkling picture of Oxford Street in London as it appears this week. Those simple but quite lovely globes of light always remind me to pause, look up and take delight.


Carnaby Street, once the epicentre of London cool in the 60’s, has recently staged a trendy return and its holiday lights (above) always have a maverick, playful touch.

And this year they managed to sum up in just a few words everything we wish for you, dear reader.

Let all your Christmas WISHES come true, enjoy the LOVE of your friends and family, approach the new year with as much HOPE as you can muster — and if you’re lucky, find a KISS under the mistletoe.

We send you all the love and merriment of the season. See you in 2017!

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Let’s Get the Holiday Joy Started!
November 17th, 2016

Whatever side of the political fence you might have found yourself, we can all safely agree 2016 has been a fractious, angry year. So I am counting on the holidays to bring as much good cheer and high spirits as they can possibly muster. This year, maybe more than any year I can remember, we all need to spread the joy!


Here at J.Falkner, we have sparkling new holiday designs to tempt your merry eye. And a special offer — read down to the end for details. Here are a few of our new cards; they are available as single cards or in boxes of eight.


This vintage Christmas tree illustration, paired with gold foil stamped ornaments, is destined to become one of our holiday classics.


We love our ho ho ho happy Snowman, ready to play during the wonderful time of the year.


These bright baubles make a very festive wreath, and the gold foil stamping makes the whole design shimmer.


We also have mini versions of many of our card designs, which are just the thing to zing up a Christmas present. Our enclosures measure 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 “, and come with their own envelope. They are available as single cards, or in boxes of eight.

Have a browse through our new designs here.

To make your holidays brighter we are offering 15% off your entire order, but just until the end of November. Use the discount code YAYHOLIDAYS.

Unfortunately we only ship in the US, but our partner in the UK, Archivist Press, have printed some of our favorites, including the Christmas Tree, Snowman and Holiday Dachshund, which you can order here for delivery in the UK, and also to Canada.

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Sunshine in September
September 16th, 2016


My father first turned me on to Henry David Thoreau when I was a teenager, and yet every time I return to Thoreau I’m struck by a new insight.

My latest favorite line is this: “One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” Because, here at J.Falkner, that’s what we are all about: bright, colorful cards to bring summery happiness whatever the season.

After all, if we’re lucky enough to base ourselves in Palm Beach (that’s the Eastern end of Worth Avenue, above, and beyond that the Atlantic), why not share the joy?


What is yellow but pure sunshine? This new trio of cards are now available at retailers across the US, and also up north in Canada at Indigo, and various independent stores.


These awnings along Worth Avenue in Palm Beach are my favorite — something so fresh about the yellow, with white piping, against the soft pink stone.


Sunshine through palm fronds — the essence of Palm Beach.


And, finally, a charming street vignette of two Vespas idling while their owners pop into Neiman Marcus for something no doubt essential.

May there be sunshine wherever you are!

(And remember you can shop these cards, and many more, at our online store here.)

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Fresh, New Summer Designs!
June 13th, 2016

Summer is always a favorite time of the year, when the sun shines and the trees fill with green, and, if you’re lucky, the waters of a lake or a river or an ocean twinkle near by. Summer in the stationery world is also a special, as it is a time we all bring our new card designs out into the world.


We introduce them to buyers at trade shows across America, and then these cards find their way into stores … and hopefully one near you! (Though, if not, our online shopping site is always there just a mouse click away.)

Here is a little taste of what the buyers will find, and you can find online right now.


This happy bear birthday card is one of my personal favorites, and is emerging as a top choice among buyers, too — which is always a nice coincidence!


If our design studio is in Palm Beach, the land of sunshine, it seemed remiss not to have a bright sunny thank you card like this one.


When did everyone start turning 50? It seemed just a moment ago it was 30! But let me tell you it’s very useful have a set of these milestone birthday cards in my drawer.


A sea-infused sailor quote strikes a summery note for us.


This “Sunshine Girl” art print is a collaboration with Adrian Valencia, a wonderful Argentinian illustrator who has been based in London for most of his career. We love the simplicity of his line work, and the bright yellow palette would brighten up any wall. (Our art prints come in standard sizes, for eg. 8 x 10 “, and fit standard frames.)

That’s just a sneak preview. You can see all the new designs here.

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Mothers, and Dads — and Grads!
April 11th, 2016

Time to refill the ink on your favorite fountain pen, because it’ll be a busy few months ahead for card-senders. Mark your calendars …

Mother’s Day is less than a month away (May 8 this year), then Father’s Day in June (19th to be exact) — and don’t forget the graduates setting out onto fresh new paths throughout May and June. (Note dates correct for the US and Canada only; the UK operates to its own tune.)


We have several new Mother’s Day designs, including this one (above), with one of our favorite flowers as an accent – the Poppy – and a fresh palette of coral, fuschia and apple green.


Celebrate your fabulous father with this new design (above), great for Father’s day, but just as good for his birthday, or a general shout out to your dad any time of the year.


We have a new graduation card that’s become one of our most popular for Grads (if the stores buying them is any indication). A simple, strong quote from one of our favorite Presidents. And in the madness of the current election cycle, it’s good to cast our minds back to some of the greats who shaped the country — and for the better.

Ok, political broadcast over. Now let’s get to the good stuff: our special offer! To make things temptingly easy, we’re offering free shipping. The magic code is LUVMOM. It’s goood for any card — Mother’s Day, birthday, as you wish — and any size of order. Until 30 June.

And, since we know first hand what it’s like to have a letter written and addressed but lurk in your bag for days (weeks?) because you haven’t had the chance to get a stamp, we are also including a bit of magic: a free stamp.

So, now all you need to decide is what to say in your card. And isn’t that the fun part?

Browse all our cards click here and order away!

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