Holiday Safari Surprise (and special discount!)
November 7th, 2013


We all like a good surprise, and here’s a happy one. We’ve always loved giraffes — we have a birthday card, and even a notepad — and thought well why not try one on a holiday card. (I photographed the inquisitive giraffe, above, at the Lion Country Safari Park in Wellington, Florida.)

It’s true giraffes aren’t exactly in the snowy family of animals, but we like holiday cards with a touch of eccentricity. So our giraffe cantered merrily through the design process, and became one of my personal favorites (the final design, below).

But who knew our stores would so heartily agree? The red-nosed giraffe is now one of our most popular new cards of the festive season!


Or perhaps we should have known the giraffe would be popular. After all, one of last year’s winners was his neighbour on the African plains, the Zebra — who is available again this season.


Check out all our holiday cards here. And as loyal readers of our blog, we want to extend a special holiday discount to you. Simply enter the code HDY2 at checkout for a 20% discount. (Good until 1 December.) Happy shopping!

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New Blog for Paper Lovers: The Paper Chronicles
October 18th, 2013


One of the pleasures of attending the gift and stationery shows is the chance to have a good ole gossip with Sarah Schwartz, editor of the industry bible, Stationery Trends. Not only does she have a great eye for what’s new and interesting, and also what might be played out, her journalism background in New York armed her with the kind of wit that makes every conversation that much more fun.

So when Sarah told me of her plans to launch her own blog to provide a daily dose of that kind of enthusiasm and trend insight, I jumped at the chance to design her a logo (which you see above).

We both liked the idea that TPC could be a coat of arms, ready to do battle for the romance of print in this technological world.

I suggest anyone who loves the art of stationery should follow The Paper Chronicles — and not only for (ahem) fascinating industry profiles, like the one you see below. Click here to read the full post.


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London Trend Alert: Foxes
October 13th, 2013


I’ve recently had the good fortune to visit London for a few research trips, and one visual motif has silently padded into each exhibition hall, or retail space I’ve visited. Nearly ten years since England banned foxhunting, the wily red fox has turned the tables and taken over London design. (Above, a detail from the Hackett store on Regent’s Street.)


September’s Topdrawer London, the pre-eminent gift show in the city, included a veritable forest of squirrels and hedgehogs, as on these pillows, but the fox was always the star.


At 100% Design, the UK’s largest design trade event, a dominant color trend was pairing neutral organic colors against vivid brights — for example, this scarlet side table anchored by walnut legs (above). And naturally, a red fox, adorning this logo, was right at home. (Treat your eyes and check out Young & Norgate’s gorgeous collection of handmade furniture here.)


A month later I was at the Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair in Battersea. A treasure trove of unusual statement pieces it is a must-attend for London decorators. This mounted fox (above) was one of several I saw that day (though admittedly he looks none too happy about it).

Fortunately, it seems like the fox has cross-atlantic appeal, because one of our bestselling birthday cards at the moment just so happens to feature … a fox (see below).


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Happy Father’s Day
June 15th, 2013

On Father’s Day, here are some memories. I grew up an army brat, which meant that every two to three years, my family packed up and moved. If you thought this vagabond lifestyle meant we would lean towards traveling light, you’d be mistaken.

Nowhere was this more obvious than with my father’s multiplying collection of books. Hemingway jockeyed with Hesse, biographies of Churchill faced off against Lincoln, while Will Durant’s 11-volume History of Civilization stood watch above them all.


This growing library would follow us to each home, and when I think of my childhood it is in the company of books, and of words. This is my father’s gift to me. Which is why I labor as much over the words on our cards as the images — and naturally never more so than with these two Father’s Day cards.


Happy Father’s Day to all!

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Our Home at the National Stationery Show
May 27th, 2013


When a little 10’x10′ box in New York becomes our home for the better part of a week, it can only mean one thing: the National Stationery Show! It’s when the world of paper converges on the city to put on their smiles and peddle their wares to buyers from across the country — and, as ever, the energy and creativity on display was a real inspiration.


The concept (above): With our booth, the idea was to bring a bright, little patch of Palm Beach to the Javits Center. We started our moodboard (see above) back in January, and what emerged over the months was: kelly green, sisal carpet and storage bins, sunburst mirrors, crisp white frames and jewel-tone ottoman stools.


The end result (above): Et voila! We were delighted to see all these elements fall into place in the stage set we created for J.Falkner. And there must have been something lucky in that gorgeous shade of green — we had our best show ever, with great stores reordering and new stores discovering us.


Cards were ranged along white shelves (see above). “Fabulous. (Is what you are, my friend.)” is from a new card collection we launched at the show.


After spending the days cooped up in the convention center, everyone’s ready for a good party. The Louie Awards are always a high point, and this year we were greeted by dramatic swirls of paper cut-outs (above), which became even more incredible as one looked to see the details of flying birds and airplanes.


Though our nominated card didn’t win, it was wonderful to be welcomed into this special crowd, and see, hand-cut into one of the paper airplanes, the letters of J.Falkner Cards (above).

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