A Valentine Story
January 31st, 2013

Today, as we turn our calendar to the month of February, we naturally think of Valentines Day. There are many legends around this event, but one touches us particularly.

The story goes that, back in the days of 270 AD, the priest St. Valentine cut up pieces of parchment in the shape of hearts and circulated these to buck up the spirits of much-persecuted Christians.

Nearly 1800 years later, doesn’t receiving a little heart in the mail have much the same effect, reminding us of our faith in love and friendship? Without, we might add, risking any kind of martyrdom for the sender today. (St. Valentine was less lucky when the Romans caught up with him.)

Two hearts beat as one in this playful interpretation of a Venn diagram (above).

And we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves Palm Beach stationers without featuring at least a couple of flamingos (above) in our Valentine collection.

See all our Valentines cards here, and feel free to order a few now to arrive before the 14th — or find them at retailers across the country (and in Canada, too, where select Indigo stores will be stocking them).

Our Paper Source Pair!
January 9th, 2013

Big news to start the year: We have just shipped our first order to Paper Source — the Barneys of the paper world, with close to 70 stores across the country (a picture of the one in New York’s Soho neighborhood, above). Which means it’s also our first national account. Hurrah!

Of course we had help. Thank you, Robert Browning, Victorian poet (1812-1889), for your lovely line (above). And thank you Don Herold (1889-1966), American humorist and illustrator, for your quirky, clever quote (below) — which has made this our go-to card for baby congratulations.

Truly, though, the most important thank you really goes to our marvelous rep group, Daniel*Richards, for bringing in the deal. Merci!

But wait! Paper Source have just ordered one more! They will also be carrying this great new graduation card (above). So, catch the winds in your sails and go discover a Paper Source store near you. You can find a list of their locations here.

A Crafty Idea for Your Old Christmas Cards
December 28th, 2012

Soon it will be time to gather up those holiday cards, unplug the Christmas lights and try to find a corner in your closet to put them all.

Perhaps you’re like us and save your Christmas cards, visions of revisiting them another time, with warm memories and warm cocoa to hand. Though more likely than not — and this is definitely like us — you never find that moment and instead have boxes and boxes of old holiday cards you don’t know what to do with. Help, dear reader, is at hand!

Arm yourself with a scissors, a hole-punch, some old ribbon (or get a bit fancy with velvet like we did, above) and transform your cards into gift tags for next year. Snip through Santas and angels and reindeer and suddenly you’ve created a fun new perspective on the same old card.

(This kind of craftiness has long been a big movement in the art world — though then it’s called ‘Appropriation’, and not ‘just reusing an old image’. So, go on, appropriate away!)

Here’s the finished result (above), and a few more we couldn’t resist trying once we got started (below). We’ve used our own J.Falkner holiday cards throughout.

We had so much fun with this project, it’s likely we’ll introduce these gift tags to our stores next holiday season. Just in case you don’t save your old cards after all ….

Merry Good Wishes to You!
December 25th, 2012

Whether you be in sun, or in snow, may your Christmas be full of good cheer and much warmth.

Aurevoir to Orange, Greetings to Green!
December 11th, 2012

Yes, a decision has been made. Last week, Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2013, and Emerald — “a lively, radiant, lush green” — is in. (Read all about it here.) Which means Orange, so 2012, is out.

Green does make an appealing color story (see this palette of images from Pantone, above), but please forgive us if we sniff a bit of a marketing strategy — Pantone bedding now available at jcpenney! Green nailpolish at Sephora! — rather than an authentic prediction. And now what is everyone to do with those orange kitchen appliances they bought just this year, when Tangerine Tango reigned as color supreme?

Fortunately, we have a much easier way to stay on-trend here at J.Falkner. Simply chose to send one of our emerald-hued birthday cards (below). We first featured these a few months ago, and here they are again, ready to join the new Color of the Year party.

Find them at stockists across the country, or online here.

Holiday Cards for Doxie-Lovers!
December 3rd, 2012

With the merry month of December just beginning, it’s time to get our dachshund dressed for the holidays. Of course, he’s just porcelain so very amenable to decoration (above).

Because of a previously peripatetic lifestyle it was hard to have a pet, but we’ve always said if we did — it would certainly be a dachshund.

So, in the anticipation of the day we might have one for real, we celebrate him in our cards. For the holiday, we have our dachshund joining in on Reindeer games with his red nose (above). Available in boxes of 8 cards from our online store here. here, and we even offer gift wrapping.

And, as an early holiday treat for doxie-lovers, here are a few pics of choice dachshund owners we thought everyone might enjoy!

Even famously cantankerous Picasso was mollified by his dachshund, Lump (above, in photo, and as drawn by Picasso).

Andy Warhol had two dachshunds (Amos and Archie), but the portrait (above) is of a friends pet, Maurice.

But perhaps most fabulous of all dachshund-owners was uberchic clotheshorse Millicent Rogers (1902-1953) — see her above, with two of her seven dachshunds, and one of her three husbands (Arturo Peralta-Ramos). The Standard Oil Heiress was said to go everywhere with her coterie of dachshunds, even when travelling to California to court Clark Cable (a courtship which failed — though whether it was the 7 dogs or the 20 trunks of luggage she brought that he found more oppressively extravagant, who is to say?).

(You can read a great piece about Millicent Rogers from the Wall Street Journal, here.)

And one more Millicent before we go (below, with the perfect blonde hair she became famous for) ….

Fashionable Holiday Cards!
December 1st, 2012

Of course Christmas is about snow flakes and Santa and lots of ho ho ho, but here at J.Falkner we are always looking to find a way to bring a bit of the unexpected to the world of paper. So why not turn to the world of fashion to see what’s new and now.

And there is one trend that seems to keep coming back, season after season: Leopard print (see our montage of tearsheets, and mens evening slippers, above). You might say, if you were as inclined to easy puns as we are, it’s a print with nine lives.

Now let’s have fun. Anchor the print in a bright Christmassy red, pair it with an amusing greeting — and, voila, a rather unique and playful new holiday card (see below). This is definitely a card that will stand out among a pile of haloed angels and lambs.

Plus! It’s now fashion-endorsed. This month, People Stylewatch features it as one of the best holiday cards of the season (see it peeking out on the lower left hand corner, below).

Order a box for yourself from our online store here, and send some holiday cheer to all the pussycats in your life.

Today, We’re Thankful for … You!
November 22nd, 2012

Perish the thought that there’s an occasion for which we don’t have a card, so bright and early this morning we decided to magic up with a Thanksgiving card (above). Which is really just an excuse for us to have an opportunity to talk about what we’re thankful for … and, truly, it’s you.

It’s people like you who read our blog, and support our business, and buy our cards. We know we’re living in a world with so many choices, and much faster ways to communicate, so when people choose a J.Falkner card to hold their words and communicate with their loved ones, we are genuinely touched.

Thank you for believing in what we’re doing — that it’s not just a card, but a little piece of love, delivered.

Now, back to the turkey … or the leftovers, and hopefully there is still a bit of pumpkin pie left (since somehow it’s always more delicious the day after!).

Shop Our New Holiday Gift Shop!
November 19th, 2012

We know how you feel. We really do. It generally starts some time this week, and it’s called Gift Guide dread. They start arriving innocently enough, slipping through the mail, popping up in emails … but then those first helpful snowflakes become a storm of pre-holiday pressure, and suddenly it already feels too late to get all your Christmas shopping done.

So we’re here to help. We’ve created a little holiday gift shop at J.Falkner online, designed to make your life easier. Just ten items, lovingly selected — including a few sets we created just for the online store. Nothing is over $20, it’ll be delivered to your door (or to anyone on your list), and we’ll even wrap it up in tissue and ribbon.

That cool chick who knows her fashion? Try our flirty fashion mix (above) — glossy lipstick, sexy lace and python print, all matched with gold envelopes.

Your trendy son/boyfriend/colleague? Try these dapper notes for men (above).

A little stocking stuffer for your daughter, wife or girlfriend? How about this xoxoxo-adorable box of little note kisses (above, there are 10 notes to a box).

Or take a stationery safari with our bestselling animal cards. A set of 8 different cards to cover so many occasions — birthday, wedding, congratulations, thank you. (In fact, this is the box we make up for our nearest and dearest, and we thought you might find it as handy as they’ve done.)

And as a special thank you to our regular readers, we’d like to give you free shipping on any order made by December 1st — just enter FSHPB at checkout. So, go on, have a look at our store here.

Going for Holiday Gold
November 14th, 2012

It may seem counterintuitive to start a post about holiday cards with an envelope, but if you’re reading this, you know that here at J.Falkner we love the details. After all, in this world of first impressions, the envelope is the first thing your sendee will see.

The paper on our “gold-leaf” envelopes has a smooth iridescent finish that resembles metallic specks. And when they catch the light they really do shimmer (above).

For the cards themselves, we knew we wanted to do something very simple, and very chic. Just a few playful images, a restrained color palette (above), and a luxurious use of white space to appreciate the thick card stock. Finally, we tucked the holiday greeting inside the card so the design outside is crisp and clean.

Of course we love a cute reindeer, but are they really the only animal in the God’s kingdom that gets to celebrate Christmas? Surely there is some fabulous Santa Claus somewhere who would welcome a leaping Rudolph Zebra into his herd (like the one, above).

And step forward Flamingo. You’re every bit as able as a turtle dove to spread good holiday cheer, and — perhaps it’s our Florida-bias — rather more elegant.

These cards are now available at fine retailers across the country, and online holiday cards can be ordered from our own shop here. Or just email us at and we’d be happy to let you know of a store that carries them near you.