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Palm Beach Illustrated Press!
April 16th, 2015


When people ask me to describe Palm Beach, I reach for a few answers.

If I want to be amusing (if, for example, a cocktail is in one hand) I ask people to imagine a sunny island of thin women in tennis whites walking dogs that look like snowflakes. And men wearing red trousers and velvet slippers to shop for their groceries.

But if I want to be completely sincere I say it’s actually been a marvelous place to start a little company.

Because this island, from its stores to its press, has been nothing short of enthusiastic and supportive from the moment we started J.Falkner. Case in point: this month’s issue of Palm Beach Illustrated (its lush cover above), where they celebrate the power of the written word and ask us to join the conversation (which we did gladly, see below).


Thank YOU Serendipity Magazine!
January 22nd, 2014

Serendipity Magazine, the lifestyle magazine for Fairfield and Westchester County, ran a lovely story on the art of thank you notes in their last issue — and imagine our delight to see our little Whale “Thanks Tons” card feature in such a nice collection.



It’s always a treat for us to see our cards in the hands of a talented photographer, and we love the pretty composition of pens and paper against a mint green background. So fresh!

Probably there is some etiquette about getting your thank you cards out in a timely manner, but we think January is generally one of those dreary months when any bit of mail, whenever it arrives, is always welcome!

So sit yourself down with a box of thank you cards (which could always be ours if you wanted to order them right here), and thank Aunt Ethel for those Christmas wool socks …

Planting a Kiss in People Stylewatch!
December 16th, 2013


Just when we thought the holiday season couldn’t get more merry, we find ourselves in People Stylewatch’s annual holiday gift guide!

We’ve witnessed first-hand the curating that goes into one of these major gift guides: imagine the best ever pop up store suddenly materialising in a large conference room, but then imagine whittling all these goodies down to only the very best. So we couldn’t be more thrilled that our Lipstick Kiss Little Notes made the cut! (See below, top right.)


Of course, kisses are especially nice over the holidays (like our playful Mistletoe Christmas card, below) …


… but a little box of our Lipstick Kiss notes (see below) makes for a great gift year ’round. I always have a spare box handy in my emergency gift drawer … they are perfect for your party hostess, or your niece’s birthday. Find them at select retailers, or order some for yourself from our online store here.lipstick-kiss

New Blog for Paper Lovers: The Paper Chronicles
October 18th, 2013


One of the pleasures of attending the gift and stationery shows is the chance to have a good ole gossip with Sarah Schwartz, editor of the industry bible, Stationery Trends. Not only does she have a great eye for what’s new and interesting, and also what might be played out, her journalism background in New York armed her with the kind of wit that makes every conversation that much more fun.

So when Sarah told me of her plans to launch her own blog to provide a daily dose of that kind of enthusiasm and trend insight, I jumped at the chance to design her a logo (which you see above).

We both liked the idea that TPC could be a coat of arms, ready to do battle for the romance of print in this technological world.

I suggest anyone who loves the art of stationery should follow The Paper Chronicles — and not only for (ahem) fascinating industry profiles, like the one you see below. Click here to read the full post.


This Little Piggy Is Going to the Louie Awards
March 3rd, 2013

Wearied celeb-watchers may have decided that the award season was finally over with the Oscars last week — but for those of us in the stationery world, it’s all just begun. Yes, dear reader, the Louie Awards finalists have now been announced.

This year the Greeting Card Association had to sift through more than 1000 entries from 220 companies worldwide, so imagine our delight when our little pink pig found itself near the finish line in the birthday card category. (As for its final place on the podium, we will have to wait until the ceremony on May 19th.)

This card (see above) is one of our favorites, too. There is something about this pig’s cheeky smile that charms us anew every time we see it. And talk of pigs also allows us to trot out one of our favorite quotes — from Winston Churchill:

“I like pigs.
Dogs look up to us.
Cats look down on us.
Pigs treat us as equals.”

So here’s hoping that the Louie judges will be feeling as affectionate about the cloven-footed come May 19th.

Coastal Living in Palm Beach
October 29th, 2012

Since Palm Beach is, after all, an island, the idea of coastal living is second nature to us. This view of the Australian Dock, with its sleek white boats twinkling in the waters of the Intracoastal waterway (above, photographed just this morning), is one we count ourselves lucky to see every day.

So we were delighted when the editors of Coastal Living magazine found us, many months ago, in the crowded, and rather less sun-dappled, waters of the National Stationery Show at the Javits Center in New York.

Now here we are at last, with the new issue on our shores (photographed on sandy Palm Beach, above), and our card featured in their wrap-up of the best nautical-themed stationery (below).

Perhaps you can spot the bright blue and red J.Falkner card in the center of the page (above).

Our Lifesaver Thank You cards are available at fine stores across the country, including our fave local shop, Stationer on Sunrise here in Palm Beach. And naturally you can also find them at our online shop here.

One Hundred Wonderful Stores!
July 24th, 2012

If we weren’t already knee-deep in orders after the gift show in Atlanta (where we were represented by our fine rep group Daniel*Richards), you would have heard corks a-popping here at our offices this week.

Dear friends and supporters, you have helped us reach a milestone: J.Falkner cards are now being carried in 100 stores (well, actually 101 as of today!).

We’re sold across America — in 25 states — and in Canada (Vancouver & Toronto), and of course we’re always available online.

What does reaching 100 stores mean? Well, we’ve run the numbers and it comes to nearly 16,000 cards — which means there are a lot of leaping zebras, soaring airplanes, and anniversary mazes (to call out our three most popular cards) criss-crossing the country.

We have so much gratitude in this success. To the stores who have taken on our line, and to the customers who have chosen our cards, thank you thank you thank you.

Lights, Paper, Action … Stationery Show!
May 28th, 2012

Once a year, in May, the stationery world converges on the Javits Convention Centre in New York to celebrate (and hopefully sell!) all things paper. And so naturally there we were last week, happy as a clam in our own cheery little J. Falkner booth (above).

We decided to let the colors of our cards do the talking and go crisp white with all our fixtures. It made a bright sunny statement, and more than one passerby told us, “It feels like Florida in here”.

The first night of the show brought the Louie Awards ceremony, the pre-eminent prizes for cards in this country. Though we didn’t get our podium moment, we were delighted to have two cards among the finalists — terrific recognition in our company’s first year.

There was a beautifully designed catalogue of the finalists, and there we were with our “Amazed Anniversary” card (above), one of the first cards we ever designed — and still a personal favorite.

The show also brought us some great press. This shout-out (above) appeared in the daily show magazine.

There was much ingenuity among the design of the other booths, but to us, Crane & Co always delivers the most elegant one. Evoking a Madison St boutique, it’s a purring piece of luxury, with a trio of chandeliers, cream carpeting and exquisitely detailed window displays.

As regular readers know, we’re mad for moodboards, so we were smitten by the charming visual vignettes from the Crane windows (a couple are featured above). The richly engraved salamander, with its red spotted coat (see detail, above), is a card we’d chose to send ourselves — if only we weren’t already stationery-committed.

With nearly 800 stationery companies at the show, each aisle brings a spirited range of creative delights. In our little block alone, we were able to put together this great card collection (above).

Clockwise, rom top left: A lovely silhouette of a bear from Banquet. A cool surfer’s desktop from Dear Hancock. A simple shell, letterpressed by Double Bravo Designs. Two bears make a charming father’s day card, from Fugu Fugu Press. A charming notebook, the cover made of birchwood, from Night Owl Paper Goods. And an imaginative use of the subway map, from Tastement.

We ourselves had a terrific response to the new collections we launched at the show, and we’ll be sharing those with you in our next few posts.

We’re in Real Simple Magazine this Month!
April 16th, 2012

One little circle, but a whole lot of delight. We really had to pinch ourselves this week when we were able to slap the “As Seen in Real Simple” button onto a set of our cards (see above).

For a stationery company, scoring a credit in Real Simple is a bit like an actor getting the call from Scorsese: it’s what we’re all secretly waiting for. We vividly recall when Real Simple magazine first arrived on the scene in 2000. We were in London, so the first few issues appeared sporadically, and were passed around our offices like samizdat.

What was this magazine trying to do, with its clean crisp typography, its luscious, languid, photography, and the audacity to put a few bowls or a single flower on its cover? (A pair of early magazines, above.) Surely, it wouldn’t last on a newsstand teaming with neon colors and ravenously smiling models?

Today, of course, Real Simple is a publishing behemoth, with a monthly circulation just shy of 2 million. Which goes to show it’s never wise to underestimate a market. There is space for sophisticated, measured design — and naturally this encourages us immensely.

How proudly our Leaping Zebra card sits among their other choices on the page (above). Charles Masters, a celebrated still life magazine photographer, has created a beautifully — dare we say it — simple shot.

Order a set of Zebra blank cards directly here.

It’s a Honour Just to be Nominated …
March 16th, 2012

No, we never believed in the sincerity of these kind of comments either. Even a seasoned pro like Kate Winslet couldn’t quite manage it at the Oscars in 2009, when she won and then tried but failed to name all her co-nominees. “Who’s the other one?!” she cried out. (Deliciously, it was Angelina Jolie.)

But now that we find ourselves nominated — just today! — for two Louie Awards (our industry equivalent of the Oscars) we really do feel very privileged simply to be named.

This year’s competition drew nearly 900 entries from over 180 companies worldwide, and for each category there are only 3 finalists. (Even the Oscars get 5!) Over the moon are we!

Our Zebra Happy Birthday card (above) has always been a favorite — it’s the one we most often use personally — and we were delighted it was nominated.

Even more special to us is the nomination for the Amazed Anniversary Card (below). This was one of the first 3 cards we designed. We have designed nearly a hundred since then, but there’s nothing like seeing that first card in a shop window. … And now, maybe on a trophy!

Henry David Thoreau advised, “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes,” but we think we might just defy his wisdom and splash out on a natty new outfit for the awards show. After all, the Louie’s might be as close to a red carpet as we’ll ever get!

Winners will be announced at the National Stationery Show in New York at the end of May — and, don’t worry, whatever happens we’ll have on our best awards-show face.