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Hello London! Hello Letterpress!
October 17th, 2014

(This post originally appeared on Sarah Schwartz’s wonderful paper blog The Paper Chronicles.)

Blimey! Do we have big news to share. Big, as in Big Ben Big. Starting this month, our cards will be available in London, and throughout the British Isles.


Here’s how it happened. Back in May, Sarah and William Allardice from Archivist Press, “the home of British letterpress”, alighted upon our cards at the National Stationery Show … and thought our collection might sit happily among their own cards.



And don’t they just? (See the Archivist booth from Topdrawer, above). After a summer spent fine tuning our designs to fit their formats and printing process, Archivist launched the J.Falkner Collection of letterpress cards at the Topdrawer gift show in London last month.

All our cards are flat-printed in the US, so to see them re-interpreted in letterpress made us feel a little like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” when she steps out of her old house into the exuberant technicolor of Oz. The rich inks, gorgeous paper stock and deep impression of type definitely made our heart sing!





Archivist cards are printed in rural England on vintage windmill presses. And their paper, sourced from sustainable forests, is milled in the heart of the Lake District. If those two sentences alone don’t restore your faith in the romance of the written word, I don’t know what will.


Another feather in the Archivist cap are the luxury matchboxes they produce. They cleverly took our little doxie holiday card and made it into this adorable matchbox (above) — so now we know what all our friends will be getting in their stockings. (Shh!)


The J.Falkner Collection of cards are now available online from the Archivist website here (and they ship to the US, Canada and Europe!), and they are heading out to UK retailers like Paperchase, the Conran Shop, and Fortnum & Mason (above) in the next few weeks. Cheerio, then! We’re grabbing our brollie and going out shopping …

When our cards popped up in Norfolk, England …
August 4th, 2014


Nothing thrills us more than great friends starting new businesses, so when the uber-chic London stylist Liz Thody (above, with her shop) floated her idea of a pop-up shop in Norfolk, our immediate response was: “We’re in!”


Norfolk is a few hours drive up north from London. Rich agrarian land means the county has become a bit of a foodie hotspot, and, with its northern boundaries hitting the North Sea, Norfolk boasts some of England’s most beautiful beaches — notably the famed Holkham Beach (above) where the Queen is known to run her horses or, depending your reference preference, where the concluding scene of “Shakespeare in Love” was filmed.


The shop was positioned at Wiveton Hall, just outside of the little town of Holt. Wiveton Hall has a very popular restaurant which serves up some of the freshest food in the county (like my meal of grilled heirloom tomatoes on toast).


Liz called her shop Little Donkey Pop-Up, and her whimsical donkey logo was branded on bags (above), with neon tassels she sourced in Morocco. (If you speak fashion, then you might say Summer 2014 is all about a tassel.)


The shop itself was an ingenious piece of construction. A simple wheelbarrow shape, it held cashmere sweaters, children’s dresses, hand-embroidered beach bags, trays of bright summer bracelets — and, of course, J.Falkner cards.



Liz chose bright summery cards from our line to complement her product mix, and we love how our range of friendship cards sat among the pastel cashmeres and retro bathing caps (see above).


For us, Little Donkey Pop-Up provided a welcome chance to nose around a part of England we’d never visited. The tree-shaded country lanes, the happy cows, the sun slanting over fields of hay — Norfolk was picture-postcard English countryside.


I even found myself reconsidering pebble siding, which can go so very wrong in London suburbs. Here in Norfolk, however, it has an authenticity and simplicity that was actually rather beautiful. (For example, this cottage in Burnham Market below.)


Goodbye for now, Norfolk — hope to see you and your wide wind-swept beaches again!

Our Paper Source Pair!
January 9th, 2013

Big news to start the year: We have just shipped our first order to Paper Source — the Barneys of the paper world, with close to 70 stores across the country (a picture of the one in New York’s Soho neighborhood, above). Which means it’s also our first national account. Hurrah!

Of course we had help. Thank you, Robert Browning, Victorian poet (1812-1889), for your lovely line (above). And thank you Don Herold (1889-1966), American humorist and illustrator, for your quirky, clever quote (below) — which has made this our go-to card for baby congratulations.

Truly, though, the most important thank you really goes to our marvelous rep group, Daniel*Richards, for bringing in the deal. Merci!

But wait! Paper Source have just ordered one more! They will also be carrying this great new graduation card (above). So, catch the winds in your sails and go discover a Paper Source store near you. You can find a list of their locations here.

A Fishers Island outpost for J.Falkner Cards
August 26th, 2012

While normally we try not to indulge the green-eyed serpent, we confess to being a bit jealous that our cards may be having a more glamorous summer than we are.

The cards that were delivered to a cool restaurant/boutique nestled in the Napa Valley? Sure, we’d love to join for a glass of crisp Chardonnay. Or the shipment that just went to Alaska last week? We, too, are raring for adventure in the northernmost state.

But for sheer exclusivity, the cards that flew to Fishers Island, NY (above), set a high bar. Fishers Island, situated at the entrance of Long Island Sound, is the kind of classic high-WASP-at-leisure place that seems staged by Wes Anderson, with quirky locals, rustic-chic amenities, and a collection of windswept lighthouses. Or so we hear — unlike our cards, we’ve never been.

Fortunately, our cards are keeping fine company in Fishers Island. They are staying at the CJ Laing store (above), a great Palm Beach label (see their fabulous stuff here) that popped up on Fishers Island for the summer season.

We adore the easy, beachy look that they created for the store. A stand-out is the wonderfully sculptural counter (above), made by the designers themselves, from driftwood collected nearby.

When CJ Laing approached us about selling J.Falkner cards in their pop-up store, our enthusiasm got the best of us. Not only did we design some cards exclusively for them (above), we also created a logo that they used on hangtags and signage (below). What can we say? We just can’t resist a good nautical theme.

While some cards were a limited release for Fishers Island, we have a nautical collection available at retailers across the country, and here online.

The Magicians of Fifth Avenue
June 5th, 2012

Midtown Manhattan at night is one of the sleepiest spots in the city that never sleeps. But, look closely, as we did on our recent visit to New York, and you’ll discover magic afoot. Up and down 5th Avenue, the elves of window display are creating their wonders in the midnight quiet. (Above, a sculptural creation takes intricate shape at Zegna.)

We’ve always been fans of window display. Perhaps it’s their ephemeral nature: enchanting us one day, then gone the next, like butterfly inspirations. It’s no surprise to us that design supernovas such as Raymond Loewy, Halston and Giorgio Armani all got their creative starts as department store window dressers (at Macys, Carson Pirie Scott, and La Rinascente, respectively).

The team at the Louis Vuitton flagship were amused to be spotted (above) fixing hundreds of arrows at exact intervals.

And the very next morning, after untold hours of work, we could enjoy a bright forest of arrows to do Robin Hood proud (above).

Bergdorf Goodman’s windows are legendary, but to us, the simplest ones are often the most sublime. The chic restraint of this conversation between bronze parrot and metallic-robed mannequin is one of the more inspired windows we can remember. (And — trend alert — if gold was a big fashion story for summer, when quite frankly it doesn’t make so much sense, just imagine how huge and opulent it will be for Autumn/Winter.)

Bergdorf also had a wonderful salute to the big costume show at the Met, featuring the designs of Schiaparelli and Prada. We’ll definitely catch that show on our next visit — it’s had great buzz — but meanwhile these windows were a wonderful taster (above).

Naturally, beautiful, witty display is not only the remit of the luxe boutiques. How enchanting is this display of peonies, each blossom floating in its own glass bubble?

And a cheeky surprise from Banana Republic, with this witty window at their Soho street store (above). What a relief to be spared another display of sensible biege suiting.

New York Card Stories
February 17th, 2012

It’s always a thrill for us to see a card’s progress: a simple idea sketched in our Palm Street studio, that then emerges from the printer in vibrant color and, finally, migrates to a happy home in stores across America and Canada (now 50 shops and counting!). Our trip to New York this week was the perfect chance to pay some of these places a visit.

We confess we’re rather touched, for example, to see our little green snail (above) making a slow but sure path through a thicket of cards at The Green Cottage in upstate New York.

Canvas, which recently opened a new branch in Chelsea (above), specializes in a palette of organic neutrals, and our boxed cards, printed on ivory stock, sit well among these soothing colors.

The uber-luxe furniture shop Ochre happens to have one of our favorite doors in Soho. Look how beautifully patinated it is (above), and how the distressed wood artfully sets off the clean type of their signage. In this store, our cards make a colorful swirl in a teak bowl set on the counter.

* The Green Cottage
1204 State Route 213, High Falls, NY.
* Canvas 123 West 17th St, NYC.
* Ochre 462 Broome St, NYC.

Our Best Valentines Ever!
February 2nd, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day to us! We definitely felt the love yesterday at our trunk show at Stationer on Sunrise, where over 75 people joined us for champagne and cupcakes. Thank you to all the wonderful people who came!

You helped us raise a tidy sum for the Armory Art Center, and warmed our hearts with your support. For those who were unable to attend, we wanted to share a few pictures from the day.

Fortunately we took a picture of these raspberry macaroons … they disappeared quickly! All the delicious — and truly, they were! — treats came from Sugar Monkey in West Palm Beach.

These cookies looked so charmingly home-baked, and we love the bright pink ikat-print on the napkins.

Customers (above) had the chance to check out our whole range of cards, including a sneak preview of our brightly-colored Easter range.

No party is complete without a goody bag … Liz Quinn from Stationer on Sunrise included a charming Palm Beach postcard, and a chic pen from “Le Pen”. And we created a special notecard with that quintessential Palm Beach accessory — a pair of slippers (see below).

If you missed the party, you can still visit Stationer on Sunrise for a Valentine card, and — if you hurry — a few goody bags remain! For out-of-towners, there’s still time to order a Valentines card from our online store, click here.

This week: Our Valentines Party!
January 29th, 2012

We’re the first to admit we’ve always wanted to have our own Oscar de la Renta moment, so when lovely Liz Quinn of Stationer on Sunrise (Palm Beach) invited us to present a trunk show of our cards, we leaped at the chance.

Many months in the planning, and now suddenly the date is here. Please join us this Wednesday the 1st of February, from 4-7pm, at Stationer on Sunrise in Palm Beach as we present our new Valentines cards.

There will be cupcakes and champagne, and a special little paper present for our first 40 guests. We are also donating 10% of the evening’s proceeds to the marvelous youth programs at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.

It’s also a great excuse to visit Stationer on Sunrise (above), if you haven’t yet had the chance; it sits just north of the new Publix here on the island. Liz always stocks her shop full of wonderful little gift items as well as a fantastic range of stationery and paper goods.

Here is a sneak peek of our Valentine’s cards (above), but we’ll also have plenty of birthday cards and look out for our brand new range of ‘Colorful Quotes’ cards. We hope to see you this Wednesday!

The Perfect Palm Beach Presents
December 7th, 2011

Mention Stationer on Sunrise in Palm Beach to anyone who knows it, and it’s likely the first thing you’ll hear is: “We love Liz!” Step inside the shop and you’ll immediately see why.

Liz Quinn (above) took over the store 2 years ago and has succeeded in transforming it into a place that is, well, very Palm Beach. It’s always sunny in Liz’s shop, with fresh white walls, sisal carpeting, and preppy-patterned chairs we’d like to steal for our own home.

Liz stocks the widest range of cards on the island: her new card wall (above) is pure joy to us (prizes if you can spot the J. Falkner cards). “People seem to be enjoying more whimsical cards now,” Liz told us. “These days, they want to send something fun.”

Last-minute Christmas gift alert: Liz has taken the store beyond stationery with a delightful range of accessories, and we especially love all the personalization available. Stumped for a gift idea? Put their name on it, and you look doubly considerate. These utility bags ($100, with monogram) come in a range of colors and can be quickly stitched with any initials, or a postcode. (And how chic is that fabric pattern on the chair?)

Go logo-crazy with these melamine plates, which also offer a variety of personalisations (starting at $88 for 4). The fresh colors and patterns shout garden party to us.

A great collection of decoupage items from Ben’s Garden is here (trays, above top, start at $53); we immediately put the pink flamingo on our list for Santa. And, while we’re at it, these glass coasters with a Bogart quote are hard to resist.

Naturally, Liz’s shop is a great place to get a box of Christmas cards, and she stocks our holiday range — but, quick, they’re going fast, she tells us!

And, lastly, don’t leave without indulging in some truly gorgeous wrapping paper from Cavallini. Sure, it’s pricey at $4/sheet but it has a way of making anything it wraps seem twice as expensive. Well, that’s always been our secret, up until now.

* Stationer on Sunrise 247 Sunrise Ave, Palm Beach, FL 33480. (561) 833 7971.

Stand-out Shop: The Mouse with the Mostest
October 4th, 2011

Like the first swallow of Spring, the opening of the Church Mouse in Palm Beach is one of those signs that the start of The Season can’t be far off. This charity store, with its pretty blue walls and fresh white awnings, has been a village institution since it opened its doors in 1970. All the money raised by the shop is given to area non-profits — which makes you feel so much better as you seize that pair of Stubbs to see if they’re in your size.

So it was with a skip in our stride that we arrived on Monday to check out the new stock, and here’s what we scooped up.

A silver-plated, wood-lined cigarette box from Germany. Don’t quite know why we keep on buying little boxes, but we do. What clinched it for us was the unexpected detailing on the legs — we love the way the chunky round discs play with the geometry of the square box. It feels modern and unfussy, in a 30’s deco way.

Nope, no actual shoes in our size, but these shoe-trees were. It almost seems a shame to hide them inside shoes, they have such a marvelous sculptural quality. And the leather tags give them a great touch of luxury.

A whimsical crystal paperweight. Definitely cute, but when we saw it was signed Oleg Cassini, we had to have it. Some of our favorite finds are from the days when fashion companies went license-mad and put their names on all sorts of silly things. Now everyone is deeply corporate and strategic. So the sheer frivolity of a dice-shaped Oleg Cassini paperweight is worth celebrating.

(The paperweight is sitting on our Flamingo folded cards.)

* The Church Mouse 378 South County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480. (561) 659 2154