Christmas Cards in Red & Green
November 16th, 2011

Our love of red is well known from earlier posts, so naturally holiday cards are ones we particularly enjoy designing. We have a range that is printed on red stock paper, with matching red envelopes (a boxed set of “Just a Little Note … to wish you happy holidays” is seen above). The red-on-red combination struck us as simple and very chic.

We printed these with dark green ink so both holiday colors are represented. Most of us would easily imagine the Christmas green color drawing its history from the pine tree — and we’d be right. But how many would guess that the Christmas red arrives, not from Santa Claus, but from the apple? (Not us!)

Here’s the story. In the 14th century, the church began staging Miracle Plays, which were religious plays that taught the Bible stories. Come 24th December, it was traditionally the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with the essential stage prop being that tempting apple tree. In winter, the pine tree was by necessity the stand-in, and apples were fixed to it. It became popular for the Martha Stewarts of the Middle Ages to recreate such trees in their own homes, and soon the season was identified with the red of apples and green of pine.

We have two other cards in this series (above). Our Bow-Tied Card (which reads inside: “May Your Holidays be Wrapped in Good Cheer!”), and our Ho-Ho-Ho Tree (inside: “’Tis the Season to be Jolly”). All our holiday cards are available to order online here, and in stores across the country. Single cards, or boxed sets of 10.


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