Holiday Cards for Doxie-Lovers!
December 3rd, 2012

With the merry month of December just beginning, it’s time to get our dachshund dressed for the holidays. Of course, he’s just porcelain so very amenable to decoration (above).

Because of a previously peripatetic lifestyle it was hard to have a pet, but we’ve always said if we did — it would certainly be a dachshund.

So, in the anticipation of the day we might have one for real, we celebrate him in our cards. For the holiday, we have our dachshund joining in on Reindeer games with his red nose (above). Available in boxes of 8 cards from our online store here. here, and we even offer gift wrapping.

And, as an early holiday treat for doxie-lovers, here are a few pics of choice dachshund owners we thought everyone might enjoy!

Even famously cantankerous Picasso was mollified by his dachshund, Lump (above, in photo, and as drawn by Picasso).

Andy Warhol had two dachshunds (Amos and Archie), but the portrait (above) is of a friends pet, Maurice.

But perhaps most fabulous of all dachshund-owners was uberchic clotheshorse Millicent Rogers (1902-1953) — see her above, with two of her seven dachshunds, and one of her three husbands (Arturo Peralta-Ramos). The Standard Oil Heiress was said to go everywhere with her coterie of dachshunds, even when travelling to California to court Clark Cable (a courtship which failed — though whether it was the 7 dogs or the 20 trunks of luggage she brought that he found more oppressively extravagant, who is to say?).

(You can read a great piece about Millicent Rogers from the Wall Street Journal, here.)

And one more Millicent before we go (below, with the perfect blonde hair she became famous for) ….


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  1. Roxanne Sikes says:

    I love dachshunds. I have had 2 + 1 dorkie. My first was Nicholas. He was a standard purebred. He lived until cancer got him at age 16. Then I was lucky enough to get Gemini, who is now 12 and a half. He was supposed to be a mini. He was the runt. He has turned into a tweenie. He is my love. Recently we adopted and rescued Pepper. She is a dorkie. She is a dachshund/yorkie. She has the standard long body of the doxie and the hair and ears of a yorkie. She just turned 7. We are definitely doxie lovers. I love your cards also.

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