Just Because: Paperweights
September 6th, 2011

Like a lot of other people, today is the day we find ourselves back at our desks, sorting through piles of paper, creating (overly ambitious) to-do lists, and gathering up tearsheets. And when those piles grow taller, and lists grow longer, there’s nothing better than punctuate them with a paperweight. There! That makes us feel organised. (Try it, and you’ll see.)

Here are some of our personal favorites, which have sat happily at our desks in London, New York and now here in Palm Beach. (We discovered a few are still available online, and have provided these links.)

The solid brass puppy is a garage sale find, the decoupage glass pair from John Derian, the question mark from Assouline, the glass frosted globe from the Conran Shop, the lucky scarab from Oscar de la Renta for Lund — and our most prized: the super-chic sea urchin from Verdura that doubles as a pencil sharpener, a gift from a dear friend (no longer available, but their new site is marvelous to behold).

Sometimes all these desk charms mean we do get a little distracted from the to-do lists. But they definitely make us a lot happier to sit down with our paperwork in the morning.


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