Just Because: Roses, Pink & Orange
August 22nd, 2011

We normally like to give snippets of useful information in our posts. But sometimes we run across an image or two so delightful or visually intriguing, we need to share. Just because.

Like these roses we bought yesterday. Not fancy — they’re the $10 grocery store find — but just so pretty because of the color combination. (Here we’ve cut the stems down to around 6″; this allows even less expensive blooms to open more fully, and last longer.) Pink and orange. It’s fascinating how this pairing works regardless of the intensity. A lush orange and soft pink here, but equally a hot pink and bright orange are fab together.

A picture of roses also allows us to trot out one of our favorite quotes. From J. M. Barrie (who wrote ‘Peter Pan’): “God gaves us memory so that we might have roses in December.” (Now if that doesn’t call out to be featured on a card, we don’t know what does.)


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