Mothers, and Dads — and Grads!
April 11th, 2016

Time to refill the ink on your favorite fountain pen, because it’ll be a busy few months ahead for card-senders. Mark your calendars …

Mother’s Day is less than a month away (May 8 this year), then Father’s Day in June (19th to be exact) — and don’t forget the graduates setting out onto fresh new paths throughout May and June. (Note dates correct for the US and Canada only; the UK operates to its own tune.)


We have several new Mother’s Day designs, including this one (above), with one of our favorite flowers as an accent – the Poppy – and a fresh palette of coral, fuschia and apple green.


Celebrate your fabulous father with this new design (above), great for Father’s day, but just as good for his birthday, or a general shout out to your dad any time of the year.


We have a new graduation card that’s become one of our most popular for Grads (if the stores buying them is any indication). A simple, strong quote from one of our favorite Presidents. And in the madness of the current election cycle, it’s good to cast our minds back to some of the greats who shaped the country — and for the better.

Ok, political broadcast over. Now let’s get to the good stuff: our special offer! To make things temptingly easy, we’re offering free shipping. The magic code is LUVMOM. It’s goood for any card — Mother’s Day, birthday, as you wish — and any size of order. Until 30 June.

And, since we know first hand what it’s like to have a letter written and addressed but lurk in your bag for days (weeks?) because you haven’t had the chance to get a stamp, we are also including a bit of magic: a free stamp.

So, now all you need to decide is what to say in your card. And isn’t that the fun part?

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