New York windows: A trio of shoes
August 11th, 2011

We have always had a bit of shoe addiction, but when we started to realize how much ink and paper we could buy for a pair of Pradas or velvet slippers from Stubbs, we had to curb our ways. So now we’re firmly in the window-shopping camp. (So occasionally we slip. Tell no one.)

Believe us, having styled a fair few accessories shoots in our day, shoes are among the most challenging. How to enhance them with props, without overwhelming them. Here are three recent ‘windowscapes’ we loved. Left to right, Cole-Haan with a jar of paint brushes, little girls’shoes swim with jellyfish at Bonpoint, and tiny men try to commandeer a pair of Prada flats at Saks. This last one was a particularly clever use of scale — you are immediately drawn into the fine details on the bow of an otherwise simple shoe.


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