Orange and Black Can Only Mean One Thing …
October 30th, 2011

Orange is one of our favorite colors here at J. Falkner, so naturally we’re very fond of Halloween. It’s interesting to see how strongly one date can possess a pair of colors. Put orange with black and you have Halloween. No debate. Rarely will you see that color combination used for anything else. Orange and brown, sure (hello Hermes), red and black fine, but orange and black are owned by Halloween.

Where did this palette come from? Many date Halloween way, way back to the Celts in 700 BC, who celebrated it as the end of harvest and hence orange symbolizes the richness of Autumn. But the day also emerged as one when prayers would be made to the dead, and therefore the black of death became a partner to fiery orange.

Orange also leads us to the tradition of pumpkins,
and here there is a charming story in Irish lore, featuring a man named Stingy Jack. Heaven didn’t want him because of his miserly ways, and he was also rejected by the Devil, so poor Stingy Jack was forced to wander the world in misery. He may have been stingy, but Jack was also inventive: to see his way through the darkness, he travelled with a piece of burning coal in a hollowed out turnip — which gives us the name “jack-o-lantern”. The earliest Halloween carvings were of turnips, but when the practice came to America, pumpkins became de rigueur.

We’re sorry to say we were too busy fulfilling our holiday orders to create a Halloween collection this year, but we did want to share at least one card, made especially for you today. Here it is. Happy Halloween!


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