Putting “Pan Am” Glam into a Card
October 16th, 2011

Like a lot of America, we’ve become rather taken with TV’s new guilty pleasure, Pan Am (above, with Christina Ricci and Margot Robbie). Sure, we’d be a little less embarrassed watching it if one the ditzier stewardesses wasn’t also working undercover as a CIA agent, but what’s not to like about those JFK days in the early 60’s when planes were chic and spotless, and air travel itself was as glamorous as any destination.

Well it didn’t take us long to think there could be card in there somewhere. The palette alone — the sky blue outfits with their crisp white accents — represents a sunny optimism we’ll definitely get on board with. (And, no, we never knowingly resist a good pun.)

We found a great piece of airplane art that felt suitably retro, and then we thought to delight the eye by letting the words themselves create an elegant arcing slipstream. So far, so good. But how could the card be that little bit better? Back to our travel inspirations for more help.

Suddenly: what about those marvelous airmail envelopes we never seem to see anymore? And look at the difference (below). A simple graphic border transformed the birthday card into something as jaunty as the stewardesses’ hats.

This card, which has a greeting of “Happy Birthday” on the inside, forms part of our new collection that will be released in the next few months. But we couldn’t resist giving you this sneak preview now.


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  1. Shefali Malhoutra says:

    Wonderful! I love seeing the creative process that brought the card into being. A fantastic new greetings card from J. Falkner.

  2. Peter A. Emmerich says:

    My Mom has always had (and still has) an enormous correspondance, i.e. an “old fashioned” circle of friends, who actually still write long letters to each other. No e-mails or tweets or such. She always used those wonderful red and blue “Air Mail” envelopes because it made postage to Overseas less expensive. It doesn’t really make a difference today, but she still refuses to use a plain white envelope: That would be a downgrade for her letters. Nostalgia; she will love your card!

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