Railway Rhapdsodies
March 16th, 2012

Last week in Paris, editors from around the world crossed the finish line of the fashion show marathon that began 5 weeks ago in New York, and the results are in: NY was distinctly ho-hum, Milan luxuriously beautiful, Paris unexpectedly trendy — and the breakout star was a train.

Not just any train, of course, but the full-scale steam engine Louis Vuitton built specifically for its fashion show. On it steamed to the runway (above), with models disembarking, accompanied by uniformed bellhops. Bravo! What a way to sell hand bags.

We weren’t surprised at the consensus of delight: we’ve long adored trains. One of the most enchanting train trips we’ve ever taken was also on one of the smallest trains we’ve ever seen: just two carriages made up this little PeruRail train (above) which traveled from Cusco, the old Inca capital, to magical Machu Picchu.

As fate would have it, our office actually sits alongside a rather active train track (above), and the rumble and shake of passing trains inspired us to create not one, but two cards (below).

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  1. Shefali Malhoutra says:

    Stunning new cards! Love the insight into the creative process.

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