September Moodboard: Camel & Lilac
September 21st, 2011

When a newspaper stopped by our studio recently to do a profile on us (yes! we were thrilled), it was a great excuse to re-imagine our moodboard for Fall. And since ‘Fall’ is a very relative term here in Florida — we’re expecting 92’c this weekend — there is all the more reason to signal it with a new color story.

Generally we start with one or two key images on our moodboard, then mix in a few more to complement the whole. Then we take a step back. And then we normally start all over again, because the right mood isn’t quite there yet.

But this time, from the moment we found this picture of a camel skirt set off by purple suede pumps, we knew we had it. The collection of paint cans soon followed (don’t you love that one confident punch of red among the soft lilac), and then a tearsheet from the Prada men’s Fall campaign — this time it’s a jolt of blue against brown— clicked into place.

We discovered we could assemble a similar palette from our own cards: lilac elephants, a brown rabbit, fuschia high heels, and balloons against an electric blue sky. We’re like children that way: we like matching things up.

Of course we love color in all its forms, but after a while all those acid colors of summer start to give us indigestion. So we nominate camel and lilac — muted, luxe and slightly unexpected — as our color combo for Fall.

Sources: House Beautiful (right now far and away the best interior mag for color ideas), J.Crew catalogue (always an inspired use of color): and the Ruben Toledo illustration (lower right) is from the Nordstrom Fall ad campaign.

Our colors: We favor pantone 2635 for the perfect lilac.


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  1. Ekaterina says:

    I vote for 2 – I don’t care that it’s a nook as some others do. I feel like in 1 we’re only seineg the mantle because of the rabbit it’s not like we’re getting a huge sense of environment so stick to the wall with the prints (and that rabbit I’ve been coveting for what a year now! I have found a company in Canada that sells it, but my daughter really doesn’t need it although if I had been smart it would have made a great Easter present!) Good luck on the new catalog – I know as exciting as it is it must be stressful even more so now that you’ve set the bar so high!

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