Stand-Out Shop: Front & Co., Vancouver
August 20th, 2011

Sometimes, a good store can introduce you to a whole new neighborhood. This was our good fortune last week when we visited Front & Company, in the mid-Main Street section of Vancouver.

The names of shops alone could be a sourcebook for quirky, hip businesses. Within two blocks we found: The Lip Lounge (adorable sundresses and makeup), Smoking Lily (cool kid’s clothes), Barefoot Contessa (Vancouver meets Antropologie), Life of Riley (cute tops), Bob Likes Thai Food (yep, thai food), and — puns are our weakness — the café Bean Around the World. Definitely make a visit to this area if you’re drawn to local, independent style.

Front & Co., established in ‘93, is the one that is credited with starting it all. We’re delighted they carry our line (bottom left), and they have a wide range of spirited cards, including Canadian card superstars Whigby.

Their decorative accessories exhibit a great eye. Check out these great plates from the National Gallery in London (middle left); a Fornasetti effect for a fraction of the price. Jewelry is also standout, with great affordable ideas. How cute is an oversized brass ring with Mickey Mouse ears (lower right)? Definitely $15 worth of cute.

Inspiring to us? The sense of whimsy and delight in owner Flora Cheung’s buying, and also the fresh, energy of the area: young businesses, sharing their own individual brand of creativity.

* Front and Company, 3746 Main St, Vancouver, BC. V5V 3N7. (604) 879 8431.


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