Stand-Out Shop: Green Cottage, High Falls
August 4th, 2011

We were recently staying with friends in the Catskills, and this gave us the chance to visit one of the stores that carries our cards. Green Cottage is refreshingly true to its name: it is indeed a charming little cottage painted green — and just the kind of shop you hope to find when you are winding through the sunny, rolling roads of upstate New York.

This is a store that reminds us just how pleasant and recreational shopping can be, far from the urgency of 5th Avenue. And, yes, it certainly helps when you are greeted at the front door by a life-size deer in dayglo orange.

Dennis Nutley and David Urso created Green Cottage back in 1997, combining their worlds of flowers and jewelry, respectively. These two categories still inform the store and it boasts some of the most marvelous flowers and lovely jewelry in the area. But it’s remarkable what else they pack into a relatively small space.

Candles of all shapes and sizes? We love the orange tapers from a Danish company Erik & Ester. Lovely tactile clothing? A friend found her favorite paisley scarf here. One-of-a-kind art? That white bust (top right) is actually a vase from local artist Lora Shelly. And a card to go with that last minute hostess gift? You are spoilt for choice: our line, but also charmers like Rifle Paper Co., and Austin Press.

What inspires us: the unapologetic use of color (chartreuse with purple and red trim? sure!), and the product-packed environment that encourages the eye to explore. It reminds us how pleasures can be amplified when they are unexpected. It is in the charm of a little unnecessary detail.

* Green Cottage, 1204 State Route 213, High Falls, NY 12440. (845) 687 4810.


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