Stand-out Shop: The Mouse with the Mostest
October 4th, 2011

Like the first swallow of Spring, the opening of the Church Mouse in Palm Beach is one of those signs that the start of The Season can’t be far off. This charity store, with its pretty blue walls and fresh white awnings, has been a village institution since it opened its doors in 1970. All the money raised by the shop is given to area non-profits — which makes you feel so much better as you seize that pair of Stubbs to see if they’re in your size.

So it was with a skip in our stride that we arrived on Monday to check out the new stock, and here’s what we scooped up.

A silver-plated, wood-lined cigarette box from Germany. Don’t quite know why we keep on buying little boxes, but we do. What clinched it for us was the unexpected detailing on the legs — we love the way the chunky round discs play with the geometry of the square box. It feels modern and unfussy, in a 30’s deco way.

Nope, no actual shoes in our size, but these shoe-trees were. It almost seems a shame to hide them inside shoes, they have such a marvelous sculptural quality. And the leather tags give them a great touch of luxury.

A whimsical crystal paperweight. Definitely cute, but when we saw it was signed Oleg Cassini, we had to have it. Some of our favorite finds are from the days when fashion companies went license-mad and put their names on all sorts of silly things. Now everyone is deeply corporate and strategic. So the sheer frivolity of a dice-shaped Oleg Cassini paperweight is worth celebrating.

(The paperweight is sitting on our Flamingo folded cards.)

* The Church Mouse 378 South County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480. (561) 659 2154


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  1. Shefali Malhoutra says:

    What treasures! The Church Mouse is anything but. Wonderful article. I love the surface against which the box and paperweight are photographed. What is it?

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