The Perfect Palm Beach Presents
December 7th, 2011

Mention Stationer on Sunrise in Palm Beach to anyone who knows it, and it’s likely the first thing you’ll hear is: “We love Liz!” Step inside the shop and you’ll immediately see why.

Liz Quinn (above) took over the store 2 years ago and has succeeded in transforming it into a place that is, well, very Palm Beach. It’s always sunny in Liz’s shop, with fresh white walls, sisal carpeting, and preppy-patterned chairs we’d like to steal for our own home.

Liz stocks the widest range of cards on the island: her new card wall (above) is pure joy to us (prizes if you can spot the J. Falkner cards). “People seem to be enjoying more whimsical cards now,” Liz told us. “These days, they want to send something fun.”

Last-minute Christmas gift alert: Liz has taken the store beyond stationery with a delightful range of accessories, and we especially love all the personalization available. Stumped for a gift idea? Put their name on it, and you look doubly considerate. These utility bags ($100, with monogram) come in a range of colors and can be quickly stitched with any initials, or a postcode. (And how chic is that fabric pattern on the chair?)

Go logo-crazy with these melamine plates, which also offer a variety of personalisations (starting at $88 for 4). The fresh colors and patterns shout garden party to us.

A great collection of decoupage items from Ben’s Garden is here (trays, above top, start at $53); we immediately put the pink flamingo on our list for Santa. And, while we’re at it, these glass coasters with a Bogart quote are hard to resist.

Naturally, Liz’s shop is a great place to get a box of Christmas cards, and she stocks our holiday range — but, quick, they’re going fast, she tells us!

And, lastly, don’t leave without indulging in some truly gorgeous wrapping paper from Cavallini. Sure, it’s pricey at $4/sheet but it has a way of making anything it wraps seem twice as expensive. Well, that’s always been our secret, up until now.

* Stationer on Sunrise 247 Sunrise Ave, Palm Beach, FL 33480. (561) 833 7971.


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  1. I asked Liz Quinn to come up with a special personalized gift for people that are on our waiting list. She came back with a beautiful array of jotters(small blotters that can be carried in your pocket or pocketbook) to make notes to self. Our company logo looked beautiful and the colors of the leather were red, black and a beautiful blue. The price was right. Most of all people are using them proudly. Liz is an incredible professional. Add me to the list of “we love Liz”.

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