Time to Sharpen Your Pencils!
September 4th, 2017


Whatever age you are, doesn’t September always feel like a back-to-school month? A time to wave goodbye to summer breezes and rosé wine, and sit down at your desk with a renewed focus on these last months of the year.

And what better way to start than with a new set of pencils, and a fresh notepad. (Scroll down to see our special offer, too!)


This year we’ve started producing pencils, and now we have four different designs: pineapples, palms, rainbows, and little dachshunds.


All our pencils are proudly manufactured here in the US, in partnership with a Tennessee factory that has been making pencils for over 100 years. It’s a real joy to sharpen the basswood body, and the No. 2 lead has a lovely smooth flow on the page.


As with our line of greeting cards, we like to bring a colorful, modern spin to the traditional. So instead of standard gold or silver metal, we opt for black ferrules (the metal bit that joins the eraser to the pencil – the things you learn once you step into the pencil world!), and neon erasers.


We also have notepads in the same pineapple or palm pattern, if you’re one of those people who like their stationery to match (guilty!).

Or maybe you prefer your lists in a tidy notebook, in which case we have some colorful options here, too! Each notebook has 48 lined pages.


Have a browse now through our selection of pencils, notepads and notebooks here. And in this back-to-school month of September, enjoy free shipping (on anything you choose, sitewide, until 30 September) with the code BACKTOSCHOOL.


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