Today, We’re Thankful for … You!
November 22nd, 2012

Perish the thought that there’s an occasion for which we don’t have a card, so bright and early this morning we decided to magic up with a Thanksgiving card (above). Which is really just an excuse for us to have an opportunity to talk about what we’re thankful for … and, truly, it’s you.

It’s people like you who read our blog, and support our business, and buy our cards. We know we’re living in a world with so many choices, and much faster ways to communicate, so when people choose a J.Falkner card to hold their words and communicate with their loved ones, we are genuinely touched.

Thank you for believing in what we’re doing — that it’s not just a card, but a little piece of love, delivered.

Now, back to the turkey … or the leftovers, and hopefully there is still a bit of pumpkin pie left (since somehow it’s always more delicious the day after!).


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