Welcome to the Perfect Country Guest Room
March 20th, 2012

Since we spend so much time considering the smallest aspect of every thing we create, we’ve become particularly attuned to life’s little details. And when we experience something where those details are so finely considered — even when it has little to do with stationery — we like to share it. Such was the case with this charming guestroom we had the occasion to enjoy in Upstate New York.

In fact, this room could be a case study in how to create the perfect guest room. First, a pretty palette of blues (above) is a wise choice: blue is renowned as the most calming of colors. What better way to welcome someone who might have fought through the Friday night rush hour?

Fresh cut flowers provide a lovely grace-note of color in the room, alongside a pile of the latest magazines (above).

A peaceful seaside painting (above) is positioned next to the bed to delight the eye and let the mind wander.

A worn but friendly teddy bear (above) stands as librarian to a collection of old volumes on the bedside. Is there anything better than discovering an unexpected book, with a bit of extra time to enjoy it? “The Life of the Bee” (circa 1923), the slim volume on top, was oddly fascinating.

There is something about the crisp air and deep quiet in the country that always generates new ideas for us, so how perfect to have a sharpened pencil and notepad to hand.

The only anxiety about such a lovely weekend is what house gift to bring. Even before we started producing them ourselves, we’d often bring a box of stationery. And now we’re spoiled for choice, of course.

The little dog quote cards are an idea if your hosts are dog-lovers, or a bright box of Easter cards (below) is welcome in Spring. And thank you cards, like the ones below left, are always great to have to hand.

You can see all our boxed sets of cards here.


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