We’re in Real Simple Magazine this Month!
April 16th, 2012

One little circle, but a whole lot of delight. We really had to pinch ourselves this week when we were able to slap the “As Seen in Real Simple” button onto a set of our cards (see above).

For a stationery company, scoring a credit in Real Simple is a bit like an actor getting the call from Scorsese: it’s what we’re all secretly waiting for. We vividly recall when Real Simple magazine first arrived on the scene in 2000. We were in London, so the first few issues appeared sporadically, and were passed around our offices like samizdat.

What was this magazine trying to do, with its clean crisp typography, its luscious, languid, photography, and the audacity to put a few bowls or a single flower on its cover? (A pair of early magazines, above.) Surely, it wouldn’t last on a newsstand teaming with neon colors and ravenously smiling models?

Today, of course, Real Simple is a publishing behemoth, with a monthly circulation just shy of 2 million. Which goes to show it’s never wise to underestimate a market. There is space for sophisticated, measured design — and naturally this encourages us immensely.

How proudly our Leaping Zebra card sits among their other choices on the page (above). Charles Masters, a celebrated still life magazine photographer, has created a beautifully — dare we say it — simple shot.

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