We’ve Fallen for Tumblr!
April 25th, 2012

First, we’ll start with a confession. We still don’t get Twitter. There, we said it. Feel free to retweet that. But Tumblr: now that’s social media of a different seduction.

Working our way through our twitter feed — the #s, the @s, the FFs, the RTs — we often feel like we’re trying to crack the Enigma code. Scrolling through Tumblr, on the other hand, feels like lazing through a lovely coffee table book on a Sunday afternoon. Pure pleasure.

Here’s why: Tumblr is all image (see images from our archive above), with little if any text. Simply browse through a ticker tape of pictures — speed past some, pause on others, reblog your favorites. There’s no better way to check the visual zeitgeist.

Our Tumblr — Color J. Falkner — has a loose agenda to celebrate color, but our magpie eyes tend to seize upon any image that delights us

Here are four other Tumblr blogs we particularly enjoy following:

1. The cool girl: Give a mouse a cookie. This Ecuadorean art grad is far cooler than we’ll ever be, but thanks to Tumblr we can still hang out. We love the chic, controlled palette of her images (see her archive above): nude tones, black, gray and white.

She also posted this picture of Steve McQueen’s driving license (above), an image emblematic of Tumblr’s appeal: random, intriguing, deeply stylish.

2. The super-celeb as someone-just-like-us (if we regularly stepped from yachts in the Med to suites at the Splendido Hotel): Beyonce’s new tumblr (above) has a freshness and spontaneity you don’t normally associate with a celebrity who trademarked the name of her first child.

3. The quirky photographer: Eric Telchin, of Boy Sees Hearts (above), has taken pictures of found objects that look like hearts, and who isn’t cheered by this intimate view of the world where love is there if only we look carefully enough?

4. The absurdly funny: if you haven’t already jumped aboard Texts from Hillary — fictional texts where the Secretary always gets the delicious last word — you have a treat in store (above). Even Hills herself can’t resist it, and actually texted the creators themselves.

Those are some of our faves, but we’d love to hear which Tumblr blogs you follow, too!

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