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Our Magazine Visit in New York
February 21st, 2012

When the good people of Redbook magazine — who featured our Peacock Thank You card in their March issue (above, top right) — invited us to visit them in their snazzy offices in the Hearst Building, we were there in a New York minute.

Hearst, one of the Big Three magazine publishers (Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire and Cosmopolitan to name just a few of its titles), has since 2006 a glittering new HQ that outpaces its rivals, and we were keen to see it.

Norman Foster set a very-21st century skyscraper into the shell of Joseph Urban’s original 1928 landmark (above). It’s a wonderful combination of old and new that The New Yorker called “the most beautiful skyscraper to go up in New York since 1967.” And it is truly marvelous to behold on a sparkling New York day.

It’s also a very “green” building, with extensive use of recycled materials. The fountain in the 3-story atrium (above) that greets visitors, for example, circulates filtered rainwater that has been collected from the roof of the tower.

(Mind you, the building can be a little bossy, in that “green” sort of we-know-better way. To take an elevator you must input your floor on a central panel, whereupon you are directed to a specific elevator for your trip. Don’t try to skip this step. You’ll find there are no buttons inside the elevators themselves, which is all a bit Space Odyssey for us.)

Fans of mood boards that we are, we were immediately drawn to the wall that the Creative Director, Holland Utley, put together to steer the design vision for the magazine (above). Redbook had a big relaunch last summer, and these boards were used to help communicate the new direction.

The magazine is for women in their 30s and up, leading full lives, busy with relationships and families. We like the positive, spirited feel of these images — the couples, cozy and loving in lots of cashmere (above), and families at play (below). Okay, no one really lives like this, but mood boards are meant for inspiration and day-dreaming.

The Peacock card featured in the pages of Redbook is available as a thank you card, or blank (ie. without greeting), and can be found at our online store, here.

New York Card Stories
February 17th, 2012

It’s always a thrill for us to see a card’s progress: a simple idea sketched in our Palm Street studio, that then emerges from the printer in vibrant color and, finally, migrates to a happy home in stores across America and Canada (now 50 shops and counting!). Our trip to New York this week was the perfect chance to pay some of these places a visit.

We confess we’re rather touched, for example, to see our little green snail (above) making a slow but sure path through a thicket of cards at The Green Cottage in upstate New York.

Canvas, which recently opened a new branch in Chelsea (above), specializes in a palette of organic neutrals, and our boxed cards, printed on ivory stock, sit well among these soothing colors.

The uber-luxe furniture shop Ochre happens to have one of our favorite doors in Soho. Look how beautifully patinated it is (above), and how the distressed wood artfully sets off the clean type of their signage. In this store, our cards make a colorful swirl in a teak bowl set on the counter.

* The Green Cottage
1204 State Route 213, High Falls, NY.
* Canvas 123 West 17th St, NYC.
* Ochre 462 Broome St, NYC.

Our Best Valentines Ever!
February 2nd, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day to us! We definitely felt the love yesterday at our trunk show at Stationer on Sunrise, where over 75 people joined us for champagne and cupcakes. Thank you to all the wonderful people who came!

You helped us raise a tidy sum for the Armory Art Center, and warmed our hearts with your support. For those who were unable to attend, we wanted to share a few pictures from the day.

Fortunately we took a picture of these raspberry macaroons … they disappeared quickly! All the delicious — and truly, they were! — treats came from Sugar Monkey in West Palm Beach.

These cookies looked so charmingly home-baked, and we love the bright pink ikat-print on the napkins.

Customers (above) had the chance to check out our whole range of cards, including a sneak preview of our brightly-colored Easter range.

No party is complete without a goody bag … Liz Quinn from Stationer on Sunrise included a charming Palm Beach postcard, and a chic pen from “Le Pen”. And we created a special notecard with that quintessential Palm Beach accessory — a pair of slippers (see below).

If you missed the party, you can still visit Stationer on Sunrise for a Valentine card, and — if you hurry — a few goody bags remain! For out-of-towners, there’s still time to order a Valentines card from our online store, click here.