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One Hundred Wonderful Stores!
July 24th, 2012

If we weren’t already knee-deep in orders after the gift show in Atlanta (where we were represented by our fine rep group Daniel*Richards), you would have heard corks a-popping here at our offices this week.

Dear friends and supporters, you have helped us reach a milestone: J.Falkner cards are now being carried in 100 stores (well, actually 101 as of today!).

We’re sold across America — in 25 states — and in Canada (Vancouver & Toronto), and of course we’re always available online.

What does reaching 100 stores mean? Well, we’ve run the numbers and it comes to nearly 16,000 cards — which means there are a lot of leaping zebras, soaring airplanes, and anniversary mazes (to call out our three most popular cards) criss-crossing the country.

We have so much gratitude in this success. To the stores who have taken on our line, and to the customers who have chosen our cards, thank you thank you thank you.

Nautical Summer Dreaming
July 2nd, 2012

As July 4th races towards us, and temperatures edge past 100 degrees across the country, our minds inevitably turn to thoughts of the sea. After all, is there anything that better sweetens a summer than being at the beach?

So it’s no surprise that one of our most popular boards on Pinterest (yes, we’re addicted — check out all our boards at JFalkner Inspire) was our collection of Nautical Themes.

Many of these images (a selection, above) coalesced into cards: anchors, lifesavers, a red-striped bikini, the crisp color combo on a J.Crew bag … and everywhere a rich cyan blue, deep as the sea.

We’re delighted to introduce our new “Nautical & Nice” collection: a boldly colored thank you (above left), a birthday card full of summer spirit (above right) and a devoted pair of fish for an anniversary (below). Blue, white and a punch of red were the only colors we needed.

For this collection, we also spoiled ourselves with a new font. Sitting on the charming side of whimsy, the ropey ligatures of Memimas are also a wink at the nautical theme of these cards.

(And here’s a did-you-know for font fans: Memimas, now a darling of indie fashion labels and invitation designers, was originally created as the standard typeface to teach French school children proper handwriting. Amusant, non?)

Of course, not all nautical is created equal, so for these illustrations we went to our chicest source: London-based fashion illustrator Adrian Valencia (see his delightful portfolio here). In fact, we were so charmed by his work, we couldn’t resist going one step further with this collection and creating a little trio of Nautical Notes (above), with wavy-edged frames and light sea-blue envelopes.

If only we didn’t need to save the stock for our stores (it’s already one of our most popular new releases), this is the stationery we would use all summer long. Order a set for yourself, or any of these nautical cards, here.