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A Fishers Island outpost for J.Falkner Cards
August 26th, 2012

While normally we try not to indulge the green-eyed serpent, we confess to being a bit jealous that our cards may be having a more glamorous summer than we are.

The cards that were delivered to a cool restaurant/boutique nestled in the Napa Valley? Sure, we’d love to join for a glass of crisp Chardonnay. Or the shipment that just went to Alaska last week? We, too, are raring for adventure in the northernmost state.

But for sheer exclusivity, the cards that flew to Fishers Island, NY (above), set a high bar. Fishers Island, situated at the entrance of Long Island Sound, is the kind of classic high-WASP-at-leisure place that seems staged by Wes Anderson, with quirky locals, rustic-chic amenities, and a collection of windswept lighthouses. Or so we hear — unlike our cards, we’ve never been.

Fortunately, our cards are keeping fine company in Fishers Island. They are staying at the CJ Laing store (above), a great Palm Beach label (see their fabulous stuff here) that popped up on Fishers Island for the summer season.

We adore the easy, beachy look that they created for the store. A stand-out is the wonderfully sculptural counter (above), made by the designers themselves, from driftwood collected nearby.

When CJ Laing approached us about selling J.Falkner cards in their pop-up store, our enthusiasm got the best of us. Not only did we design some cards exclusively for them (above), we also created a logo that they used on hangtags and signage (below). What can we say? We just can’t resist a good nautical theme.

While some cards were a limited release for Fishers Island, we have a nautical collection available at retailers across the country, and here online.

Embracing Our Inner Chic
August 7th, 2012

When we first starting talking about what we wanted our cards to be, a word that came up often was chic. But, for some reason, we were reluctant to go right out and say it.

Maybe it was memories of watching focus groups stumble over the word: on magazine covers, “cute”, “pretty”, and “hot” appealed, while “chic” did not. Particulary when it was often pronounced as — truth, readers, truth — “chick”.

Or perhaps we were swayed by British fashion designer Sir Hardy Amies’ famous pronouncement: “There’s something cold and rather cruel about chic.” So instead we talked up color (which we love), modern (which we are) and graphic (ditto). And kept chic to ourselves.

No longer! Since we can’t afford focus groups anyway, and also feel poor Hardy might have been embittered by his long years as the Queen’s dressmaker, we have decided to shout chic loud and proud.

So here it is, our new tagline (see our new landing page, below). After all, given the choice, who wouldn’t want to send something chic?