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Palm Beach Illustrated Press!
April 16th, 2015


When people ask me to describe Palm Beach, I reach for a few answers.

If I want to be amusing (if, for example, a cocktail is in one hand) I ask people to imagine a sunny island of thin women in tennis whites walking dogs that look like snowflakes. And men wearing red trousers and velvet slippers to shop for their groceries.

But if I want to be completely sincere I say it’s actually been a marvelous place to start a little company.

Because this island, from its stores to its press, has been nothing short of enthusiastic and supportive from the moment we started J.Falkner. Case in point: this month’s issue of Palm Beach Illustrated (its lush cover above), where they celebrate the power of the written word and ask us to join the conversation (which we did gladly, see below).