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Merry Christmas!
December 25th, 2016


Of course, if ever there was a day to be off-line this is it … but we couldn’t resist sharing this twinkling picture of Oxford Street in London as it appears this week. Those simple but quite lovely globes of light always remind me to pause, look up and take delight.


Carnaby Street, once the epicentre of London cool in the 60’s, has recently staged a trendy return and its holiday lights (above) always have a maverick, playful touch.

And this year they managed to sum up in just a few words everything we wish for you, dear reader.

Let all your Christmas WISHES come true, enjoy the LOVE of your friends and family, approach the new year with as much HOPE as you can muster — and if you’re lucky, find a KISS under the mistletoe.

We send you all the love and merriment of the season. See you in 2017!