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Easter Colors!
April 15th, 2017


Whether you choose to celebrate the Christian or the pagan aspects of Easter (and possibly both, because: chocolate), for me the essential spirit of this holiday is one of rebirth and renewal. Nowhere is that more beautifully expressed than in Spring flowers.

I’m fortunate to spend a lot of time in London, and it always astonishes me how suddenly the whole city can rouse itself from a grey winter into a symphony of Spring blossoms and colors. (Like these banks of daffodils along the northern side of Hyde Park, above.) So I’m making this Easter blog a showcase of London flowers.


This single cherry blossom tree (above) has a few weeks of glory, and then recedes to a simple tree among many in the park.



These luscious color combinations always inspire me, and remind me clashing colors in flowers are just never wrong.



Two sides of the same beautiful Georgian square in the Connaught Street Village area. Magnolias are always the most precious sightings, since London rain can threaten their delicate petals each day.


I love this chic window box along Albion Street in the Bayswater neighborhood, and how the glossy modern black box shows off the blooms and pussywillows.


Spring is also a lovely time to bring the outside in. My dinner party centerpiece this season has been very simple (and quick!): fresh tulips cut short and arranged in gold shot glasses. Because when nature brings you such gorgeous colors, you don’t need to do much at all.

Here’s wishing you all a similarly easy, simple Easter enjoying the nature around us, and the love of good friends and family.