"Mys", the new winter interiors trend

"Mys", the new winter interiors trend

Yes, that's right - this winter it's all about mys.  Pronounced "mees", the home trend hails from Sweden, and if there's one thing the Swedes know how to deal with, it's a long dark winter season. 

Wait, you ask, what about hygge (pronounced "HOO-gah"), that Danish trend of crackling fireplaces and the warming comforts of friends and good food?  Apparently, that's so last year.  Now it's all about mys.

To a non-Scandinavian (like me!), the differences may seem slight ... but the essence of mys is warmth and coziness, and especially candle light as the days darken.  The more twinkling, the better your spirits.  And that's one philosophy we can happily subscribe to for the holiday season.

Since we started designing matchboxes, in conjunction with our UK partner Archivist, we discovered the joy of a long match that strikes nicely, and looks just as festive on your mantelpiece (see some of our designs above).

We feature a selection of matchboxes at our online store here, and if you're overseas in the UK, shop Archivist for an even wider range of designs.

May your holidays ahead be full of warmth — and mys!


Jason Arbuckle