Things We Love ... this Spring

To celebrate Spring ...
here are 5 Things on My Radar this Month.
(Clockwise from top left.)

#1. "The Taste of Things," from Tran Anh Hung. 

A shimmeringly beautiful film (France's entry for the Oscars) that celebrates food — and love — in all its sensual details. Plus, the added intrigue of seeing ex-partners Juliette Binoche and Benoit Magimel play lovers.

#2. "Klimt Landscapes" at the Neuegalerie in New York.

One of those small, but truly revelatory, exhibitions. It shows how his lush landscapes help unlock the dazzling ornamentation of his more famous portraits.

#3. @icantaffordthisbutmaybeshecan

Sometimes the algorithims work! This popped up on my instagram. With its energetic edit of clever, colorful design, it's right up my street!

#4. Les Ottomons tablecloths.

Their fabrics are hand-painted, so you're really throwing down a piece of art onto your table. Pair with tulips, and — voila! — Spring has arrived.

#5. "Day," by Michael Cunningham.

The first book in nearly a decade from this author. All the nuance and poignancy readers will remember from "The Hours" (his breakout book), but here focused on family dynamics unspooling over 3 single days, spaced over 3 years.

Wishing you a Happy Spring full of inspiration!  And stay tuned for our next radar.



Jason Arbuckle