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Going Green on St Pat’s!
March 17th, 2014


You want some St. Pat’s green? You got it. While we don’t (yet) have a specific St. Patrick’s Day card, that doesn’t mean we neglect green. In fact, a rich bright green is one of the signatures colors here at J.Falkner Cards.

We have a chartreuse notebook, chirping away (see above).


We have a buzzy green notepad, gathering all your to-dos.


And, of course, we have many green-colored cards, including this one with a quote from Coco Chanel (above).


We even have little green cards, like this Bee’s Knees enclosure card (above) which measures just 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches — the perfect size to adorn a little gift, or hostess present.

Find all our cards here, because though St Patrick’s Day comes but one day a year, we believe in celebrating green all year round.

Aurevoir to Orange, Greetings to Green!
December 11th, 2012

Yes, a decision has been made. Last week, Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2013, and Emerald — “a lively, radiant, lush green” — is in. (Read all about it here.) Which means Orange, so 2012, is out.

Green does make an appealing color story (see this palette of images from Pantone, above), but please forgive us if we sniff a bit of a marketing strategy — Pantone bedding now available at jcpenney! Green nailpolish at Sephora! — rather than an authentic prediction. And now what is everyone to do with those orange kitchen appliances they bought just this year, when Tangerine Tango reigned as color supreme?

Fortunately, we have a much easier way to stay on-trend here at J.Falkner. Simply chose to send one of our emerald-hued birthday cards (below). We first featured these a few months ago, and here they are again, ready to join the new Color of the Year party.

Find them at stockists across the country, or online here.

Our news from New York? It’s All About Color
September 21st, 2012

Manhattan during Fashion Week is a wonderful thing to behold. It hardly seems to matter if you actually go the shows, because there is more than enough fashion on the street to go around. And the trend is clear: no outfit seems fresh or modern without an electric pop of color.

Even the grey façade of Bergdorf Goodman (above) got in on the act, wrapping itself in an enormous lavender ribbon to celebrate its 111th birthday. (And also, we admit, setting a new bar for completely random anniversaries.)

If you wanted the attention of the style bloggers at Lincoln Centre, the epicenter of fashion week — and weren’t, say, Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld — you threw on some color and hoped for the best. It certainly was a wonderful carnival to watch.

It seems the trick to making color seem new is to use it sparingly, as the grace note of an otherwise neutral outfit. A splendidly patterned skirt with a khaki blazer, or a bright blue fedora with simple shirt and pants (in the crowd, above).

All over the city, windows beckoned with their latest … shoes. Coral pumps and cobalt heels looked as delicious as candy at JCrew (above).

Nor did color ignore men at Cole Haan (above): neon blue or yellow soles, anyone? … Anyone?

But the stop-in-your-tracks best window came from Barneys (above). It was a marvelous color story: bright pink Louboutins swam with real pink fish in brilliantly lit tank. This kind of wit and imagination reminds us why our eyes always want to visit Manhattan.

Of course it was marvelous to see color’s continuing resonance, because here at J.Falkner we love to bring on the brights. For example, our playful Parrot birthday card in lime (above), or our happy pink Pig (below). With many more colorful cards to be found at our online store, here.

A Bounty of Blossoms for Easter
April 7th, 2012

Happy Easter! One of our favorite thoughts about this holiday comes from Betran de Born, a 12th century French troubadours. “Well pleaseth me,” wrote de Born, “the sweet time of Easter/ That maketh the leaf and the flower come out.”

So it is these delicious flowers and colors of Spring that we are putting in a Easter basket blog for you.

New York, being a super-size city, has a tendency to conjure up the most massive floral arrangements. These sensational branches of cherry blossoms (above) are found in the lobby of the Metropolitan Museum in the Springtime, and must stretch over 10 feet tall.

And yet a simple pair of hyacinths (above), with their dewy scent of Spring, are equally beautiful. Look at the luscious color combination nature provides: the rich green stalk and cerulean blue flowers.

Blowsy yellow tulips echo the pastel colors of a bowl of sugared almonds, to us one of chicest Easter indulgences.

How easily the magnolia blossoms bruise and fade (above), but in the right moment their pinky cream colors are matchless.

The perfect square patch of grass (above) is unexpected, but holds the fresh promise of Spring.

A perky little rabbit guards the napkin, while tangerine colored rununculas tumble out of a silver beaker. … And, remember, rabbits aren’t just for Easter. Our bunny birthday card (below) is a year-round pleaser.

Color Symphonies at Sea
April 2nd, 2012

We recently had the occasion to sail the high seas on a Caribbean cruise. Sure, the buffet plates were the size of serving platters, and the best-dressed couple on the boat were the Italian magicians, but surrounding us — and soothing us — was the bluest of blue seas we ever did see.

In fact, simple blue quickly became an inadequate description, as the approach of each island seemed to bring its own unique shade of sea.

The promenade deck was pole position to watch the constantly shifting colors of the sea. The navy cushions and varnished teak chairs (above) were appropriately nautical chic.

Arriving at Eleuthera (above), in the Bahamas. This emerald green reminds us why, for many centuries, the oceans on maps were depicted as green, not blue.

The flash of a white boat (above), against a deep rich blue sea, seems to welcome us as as we cruise into the port of St Maarten.

How adorable is this dolphinfish tile work we discovered along one of the pretty streets of Marigot, le capital of St Martin.

Look at this palette of blue laid out in the harbor of one of the Turks and Caicos islands (above). The progression from inky blues to rich cyan to shimmering turquoise could be a masterclass in color.

John Burroughs, the 19th century American naturalist, wisely remarked: “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” We know when our senses begin to align, because fresh new ideas start to bob up to the surface.

And naturally we were card-inspired on this trip. The result is this anniversary card (below), which celebrates the beautiful colors of the sea we saw, and the sweet serenity we felt, cocooned in our little portside cabin.

(This card will become part of our new card collection that we’ll be presenting at the National Stationery Show in New York at the end of May. Stay tuned for more card sneak peeks to come!)

Welcome to the Perfect Country Guest Room
March 20th, 2012

Since we spend so much time considering the smallest aspect of every thing we create, we’ve become particularly attuned to life’s little details. And when we experience something where those details are so finely considered — even when it has little to do with stationery — we like to share it. Such was the case with this charming guestroom we had the occasion to enjoy in Upstate New York.

In fact, this room could be a case study in how to create the perfect guest room. First, a pretty palette of blues (above) is a wise choice: blue is renowned as the most calming of colors. What better way to welcome someone who might have fought through the Friday night rush hour?

Fresh cut flowers provide a lovely grace-note of color in the room, alongside a pile of the latest magazines (above).

A peaceful seaside painting (above) is positioned next to the bed to delight the eye and let the mind wander.

A worn but friendly teddy bear (above) stands as librarian to a collection of old volumes on the bedside. Is there anything better than discovering an unexpected book, with a bit of extra time to enjoy it? “The Life of the Bee” (circa 1923), the slim volume on top, was oddly fascinating.

There is something about the crisp air and deep quiet in the country that always generates new ideas for us, so how perfect to have a sharpened pencil and notepad to hand.

The only anxiety about such a lovely weekend is what house gift to bring. Even before we started producing them ourselves, we’d often bring a box of stationery. And now we’re spoiled for choice, of course.

The little dog quote cards are an idea if your hosts are dog-lovers, or a bright box of Easter cards (below) is welcome in Spring. And thank you cards, like the ones below left, are always great to have to hand.

You can see all our boxed sets of cards here.

New York’s New Color for Spring
March 1st, 2012

NYC never fails to delight our eyes to the latest color trend. But rarely has one shade been seen with such insistence. Dear reader, the message from New York is … mint!

Call it pistachio, call it aqua or even call it celadon if you’re feeling particularly sophisticated — mint is most definitely the color for Spring. We saw it all over the city: on an edgy leather skirt in Soho (above), in a cardigan and belt combo at J. Crew‘s Rockefeller flagship, or luminous in lucite bangles at Alexis Bittar‘s Bleecker St shop (both, below).

The magazines were also full of the color. Let’s face it, the pun-worthiness of mint is a boon for every fashion copywriter. (Below, tearsheets from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and People Stylewatch.)

And, yes, we’re minting it (see! can’t resist) here at J. Falkner, too. Our ‘Champagne Congratulations’ card and our ‘Peacock’ cards (below) are an easy way to stay on-trend, just in case you didn’t get onto the wait list for that Vuitton sorbet-colored frame bag.

Congratulations cards are available singly (with a pretty lavender envelope), and our Peacock cards come as boxed sets of 8, or as single cards. Check them out here.

Christmas Cards in Red & Green
November 16th, 2011

Our love of red is well known from earlier posts, so naturally holiday cards are ones we particularly enjoy designing. We have a range that is printed on red stock paper, with matching red envelopes (a boxed set of “Just a Little Note … to wish you happy holidays” is seen above). The red-on-red combination struck us as simple and very chic.

We printed these with dark green ink so both holiday colors are represented. Most of us would easily imagine the Christmas green color drawing its history from the pine tree — and we’d be right. But how many would guess that the Christmas red arrives, not from Santa Claus, but from the apple? (Not us!)

Here’s the story. In the 14th century, the church began staging Miracle Plays, which were religious plays that taught the Bible stories. Come 24th December, it was traditionally the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with the essential stage prop being that tempting apple tree. In winter, the pine tree was by necessity the stand-in, and apples were fixed to it. It became popular for the Martha Stewarts of the Middle Ages to recreate such trees in their own homes, and soon the season was identified with the red of apples and green of pine.

We have two other cards in this series (above). Our Bow-Tied Card (which reads inside: “May Your Holidays be Wrapped in Good Cheer!”), and our Ho-Ho-Ho Tree (inside: “’Tis the Season to be Jolly”). All our holiday cards are available to order online here, and in stores across the country. Single cards, or boxed sets of 10.

Eye Travel: A Palm Beach Weekend
November 5th, 2011

When we first started J. Falkner, not even a year ago, and before we’d designed a single card, we had our concept: color. And our philosophy: share color, spread happiness. The wonderful colors of Palm Beach, where we’re located, always lift our spirits. Here are some pictures we took today on a sunny stroll of just a few blocks along Worth (which runs the width of the island, hitting the Atlantic ocean, above) and Peruvian Avenues.

Any discussion of the singular beauty of this island has to start with Addison Mizner, the architect who in the teens and twenties brought a Mediterranean flourish that has become the trademark Palm Beach style. Mizner was quite literally an enormous character: well over 6 feet and nearing 300 pounds, he often stepped out with his pet monkey, Johnnie Brown, on his shoulder. (The little monkey’s tombstone can be found just off Via Mizner.)

We were touched by the monkey detail in the ironwork which celebrates Mizner’s beloved pet (above, right). And how marvelously the signage for the via (above, left) mirrors the organic flow of the bougainvillea.

Wander the alleys that link Peruvian and Worth Avenue to discover the most enchanting details. We love the syncopating colors that make us want to dance up these stairs (above left), while the curving coral staircase (right) that leads you to Sarah Gavlak’s art gallery could itself be a painting by Georgia O’Keefe.

As Northerners, we never fail to be astonished by the orchids that grow in such abundance and variety along the Avenue.

Peruvian is the sleepy sister to glittering Worth, but it’s also home to the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach (above left), renowned for some of the chicest events on the island. And Peruvian Avenue features this mysterious blue door (right), our favorite. We’ve never seen anyone going in or anyone coming out, but when we do we’d like to imagine it will be a Contessa of ancient Venetian descent, swathed in Fortuny.

And, yes, certainly there is shopping to be had. Of course all the big fashion heavyweights are here, but why bother when local designers, with a genuine feel for the light and style of this place, are doing it better?

How fabulous is CJ Laing’s lovely new shop (above)? Designer Jack Laing celebrates color and terrific ikat prints in his designs, and they also feature a wonderful mix of accessories. But, be warned: it’s the kind of relaxed, sun-filled store you never want to leave.

When friends visit Palm Beach, they often ask (or want to ask), “Why is everyone walking around in their bedroom slippers?” The slipper trend just happens to be back for Fall, but Stubbs & Wootton (above) are the Palm Beach originals. With a wide range of whimsical motifs (above right), we like to think of Stubbs as stationery for the feet.

Even the dogs on Worth Avenue get their own little Mediterranean Revival flourish. The charm of this dog bar never fails to make us smile.

Four Fab Things in New York
November 3rd, 2011

With some time to spare in Manhattan last week, we took a cultural spin around midtown. Even in a single day, the jolt of shows and stores in New York gave us a fresh new perspective. Here are four things that particularly captured our attention.

1. De Kooning’s Colors. (above) The blockbuster art show in New York this Fall is unquestionably this enormous retrospective at MOMA. Frankly, for us, a little bit of carnivorous women paintings goes a long way. Instead, what impressed us about the show was how, over a very long career, de Kooning returned time and again to the color pink (often complemented by a mustard yellow). It’s this color that gave his paintings a consistent sensuality. As de Kooning himself said: “Flesh was the reason why oil painting was invented.”

2. Elie Nadelman in the MOMA Sculpture Garden. We can’t believe we never spotted this wonderful Nadelman bronze before. (One of his drawings, above right, takes pride of place in our personal collection.) The graceful stance is pure Nadelman, and how charming is the whimsy of the bowtie, sitting like a butterfly on his chest?

3. Organic shapes at Museum of Art and Design. The show itself — Flora & Fauna, MAD About Nature — was a little lackluster, but we were intrigued by Ted Muehling’s “Thorn Necklace”. (See more of his lovely pieces here.) The way the shapes interlock is striking, but then we noticed a single coral pendant, nearly hidden among the thorns. This made the whole piece that much more arresting. Perhaps the thorns had drawn a drop of blood?

4. Cheap clothing, fantastic stores. Just enough time for a retail dash along 5th Avenue. Forget about Gucci and Armani, the most sensational stores this Fall are the new Uniqlo (above left), with its Blade Runner light show, selling cashmere sweaters for $49.90, and the sleek video cube minimalism of the Hollister store (right), which features $25 sweatpants.