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Planting a Kiss in People Stylewatch!
December 16th, 2013


Just when we thought the holiday season couldn’t get more merry, we find ourselves in People Stylewatch’s annual holiday gift guide!

We’ve witnessed first-hand the curating that goes into one of these major gift guides: imagine the best ever pop up store suddenly materialising in a large conference room, but then imagine whittling all these goodies down to only the very best. So we couldn’t be more thrilled that our Lipstick Kiss Little Notes made the cut! (See below, top right.)


Of course, kisses are especially nice over the holidays (like our playful Mistletoe Christmas card, below) …


… but a little box of our Lipstick Kiss notes (see below) makes for a great gift year ’round. I always have a spare box handy in my emergency gift drawer … they are perfect for your party hostess, or your niece’s birthday. Find them at select retailers, or order some for yourself from our online store here.lipstick-kiss

A Palm Beach Luncheon
February 20th, 2013

Luncheon always seemed a faintly ridiculous term to us, when the simple word lunch was available. Then we started to experience Palm Beach lunches, and quickly realized these were events that definitely merited the extra syllable.

So when the Society of Four Arts approached us to design an invitation for one of their luncheons, we leaped at the chance. It would celebrate Alex Hitz and his splendid new cookbook, “My Beverly Hills Kitchen” (see above).

The brief was to be bright and sunny and glamorous, so we decided upon colonnades of Palm trees to evoke the famed boulevards of Beverly Hills, and paired them with a playful art deco font called VIP (naturally).

A majestic pair of bronze peacocks (above) stood sentry at the gates to the Four Arts garden where the event was held last week.

A beautiful breeze found us inside the shade of the Pannill Pavilion (above) in the garden.

The theme of invitations carried through to place cards and menu card, the latter which was designed to be a bookmark and memento of the day. And yes, the food was as delicious as it reads. Bloody Mary aspic? Fiendishly tasty. (Alex chose these recipes personally from those in his new book.)

The prettiest of pale turquoise shades banded the plates (above, holding the fresh and delicious dessert) …

… and matched the gift bags that sat on the back of the gold chairs. Those 5 numbers? The Palm Beach zipcode of course.

Alex’s book is now available everywhere, and learn more about Alex from his own website, My Beverly Hills Kitchen.

The Society of the Four Arts has a wonderful program of lectures and exhibitions, see their schedule here. And any visitor to Palm Beach should not miss a stroll in their renowned sculpture garden.

We’re in Real Simple Magazine this Month!
April 16th, 2012

One little circle, but a whole lot of delight. We really had to pinch ourselves this week when we were able to slap the “As Seen in Real Simple” button onto a set of our cards (see above).

For a stationery company, scoring a credit in Real Simple is a bit like an actor getting the call from Scorsese: it’s what we’re all secretly waiting for. We vividly recall when Real Simple magazine first arrived on the scene in 2000. We were in London, so the first few issues appeared sporadically, and were passed around our offices like samizdat.

What was this magazine trying to do, with its clean crisp typography, its luscious, languid, photography, and the audacity to put a few bowls or a single flower on its cover? (A pair of early magazines, above.) Surely, it wouldn’t last on a newsstand teaming with neon colors and ravenously smiling models?

Today, of course, Real Simple is a publishing behemoth, with a monthly circulation just shy of 2 million. Which goes to show it’s never wise to underestimate a market. There is space for sophisticated, measured design — and naturally this encourages us immensely.

How proudly our Leaping Zebra card sits among their other choices on the page (above). Charles Masters, a celebrated still life magazine photographer, has created a beautifully — dare we say it — simple shot.

Order a set of Zebra blank cards directly here.

Wedding Magic in the Catskill Mountains
October 27th, 2011

It’s our opinion that the best design is often one that tells a real story. So here is the story of a wedding that took place in the Hudson Valley last weekend, for which we were doubly fortunate to design the invitation suite, and also to attend.

The wedding was a union between two men who both led dynamic lives in Manhattan, but who had found their Eden together in Upstate New York — and therefore chose as a venue an amazing old house (with its own stories: it was built for the Hellmann mayonnaise mogul in the 30’s) perched high in the Catskill Mountains.

The inspiration: sugar maples in the region are of national renown, so hand drawn leaves provided us with a design motif. The orange card stock anticipated the golden colors that, we hoped, would be peaking when the wedding took place at the end of October (our luck held, the photo at top was taken on the day). And, naturally, the font was in chocolate brown, the navy blue of chic weddings.

The design elements: leaves tumbled romantically in different configurations, from the invitations to the place cards, to the dancing, monogrammed pair on the menu cards (just visible tucked into the napkins, above). The program (positioned in one of floral arrangements, top right) featured a photograph taken by one of the grooms of the Hudson Valley landmark, Kaaterskill Falls. Table cards (above) further enhanced the feeling of place: each was named after a local town or site.

The flowers: a rich palette of reds and greens were found in elaborate centerpieces to do Carolyn Roehm proud, but also in exquisite miniature in corsages for the wedding party (above, left). And we marveled at the unexpected textures of yellow autumn leaves and blush-pink lilies in a giant bouquet (above right).

Food, friends, drinks, dancing and laughter … So ends our story of a magical time in the mountains.

* Onteora Mountain House, Boiceville, NY.

* Flowers by Dennis Nutley at The Green Cottage, High Falls.

Bespoke House Stationery Gifts
September 2nd, 2011

One of our favorite things about the Labour Day weekend that begins today is the chance it gives us to visit city friends at their country homes. The last long weekend of the summer is often the sweetest, when everyone is in the mood to stretch that season’s happiness as long as they can.

Our host/hostess gift was usually a lovely big fashion or photographic book, just frivolous enough that no one would buy it for themselves. But these days, being in the stationery biz, we love bringing bespoke house cards that we personalize with a simple logo of the address. Wrap ’em up with a silk ribbon, and you’re go to go. Friends enjoy them so much, we thought you all might enjoy seeing some of them as well.

(We’re hoping to offer this kind of bespoke service soon, but for a similar effect now: get a box of our “Little Notes” and run them through your own printer with your friend’s address. Presto! Martha Stewart would approve of your craftiness.)