Christmas Card Envelope Ideas

Christmas Card Envelope Ideas

It's one of my favorite holiday traditions: sitting down with a nice big coffee, my favorite pens, and trusty ole Christmas card list.  For me, this is a chance to pause, and remember the people who I may not have had the chance to see (especially in this year of tiny friendship bubbles!), but whose company I always treasure.  Here's hoping for many friendly reunions in 2021!

This year, I thought I'd have fun and take a bit more time addressing the envelopes.  After all, aren't envelopes like a card's giftwrap?

My calligraphy skills are, ahem ... always on my list of resolutions to develop ... but no matter, there are some very easy ways to up your envelope game.

First, play with your pens.  Put the ballpoint aside, and pick up a big green sharpie (but remember to address the envelope first, and then put in the card, as the sharpie can bleed through), or — my favorite — a gel ink pen.  I love the Uni-Ball Signo pens, which you can find at most stationery stores.  White ink is great against a colored envelope; what's more Christmassy than white and red?

Then, add a few flourishes.  This season, I did little scrolls around the sides to frame the address, or sometimes a few stars stars in each corner.  Nothing needs to be perfect, just have fun. (Tip: add your stamp first, so your art can flow around it.)

Lastly, I love to seal my envelopes with a foil sticker.  These are now easily available online, in so many sizes and colors.  Red foil is great for Christmas, and gold seals feel luxe all year long.

Happy writing!  See you in 2021!

(And p.s. In case you're wondering about Daisy Fay (top left).  Daisy (who became Daisy Buchanan) was Jay Gatsby's great love in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby", and some say he would have first fallen for her when, as a young woman, she lived at this address in Louisville, KY .... but as with so much about Daisy, the truth is difficult to pin down.)



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