Our Summer Card Inspo!

Our Summer Card Inspo!

It's a question we're often asked: how do you get all your ideas?  There is no secret technique.  It's actually simple and complicated at the same time: we keep our eyes open and look, really look, at as many things as we can.

Those things might be exhibitions, or wonderful shops — street style fashion in cities (when people used to walk around!) — magazines, especially those in print — but when it gets to our summer collection, we're lucky.  In Palm Beach, we just have to look around our neighborhood.

The colors of summer are right here in this little town all year round. Bright blue skies, emerald palms, hot pink bougainvillea.

Palm Beach is renowned for its rich green gardens, and the hedges are often sculpted into marvelous decoration.  The hedge pictured (top right) is a favorite of ours from a little street in town; just look at the detail where the hedge is cut out for the post box.  We're channeling that gorgeous green into our new Trellis pattern thank you card.

Naturally, Palm Beach has no shortages of palm trees — and they are a regular motif for our cards.  But we like to keep it fresh as we can.  So this season, we have a new color wave, inspired by the gorgeous pinks of a Florida sunset (see above).

You can shop all our new thank you cards here.  And we hope you find sunny inspiration in our designs, too!

Jason Arbuckle
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